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 Organic s Studio Inks

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PostSubject: Organic s Studio Inks   Organic s Studio Inks EmptySat May 26, 2018 6:42 pm

Picked up a few new (to me) inks lately.  These Organics Studio inks produce incredible sheen even when using fine nibs ans/or regular paper. Usually heavy sheen needs a goodly blob or a broad or stub nib...and...fairly non-absorbent paper, like Tomoe River or Clairfontaine or Rhoda. So they’re special.

A fun thing is that they come in plastic bottles. Not ideal for long term storage. So I buy the inks at the Vanness site and order a suitable empty ink bottle for a few bucks and they etch the bottle for free...up to 25 characters in your choice of four fonts. It is incredibly cool.

Inks that I picked up include Nitrogen Royal Blue, Thoreau Walden Pond, Hemingway Santiago’s Sea Blue, James Joyce Hunter Green, Emerson Twilight and Oscar’s Copper. Oscar is the dog.  lol

An idea of what they’re like...

Organic s Studio Inks 1ac8f410

Organic s Studio Inks 14f19e10

Organic s Studio Inks 8711b710

Organic s Studio Inks 7623c010

Organic s Studio Inks 24adcc10

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Organic s Studio Inks D6bddf10Organic s Studio Inks 29400910Organic s Studio Inks 114e6110Organic s Studio Inks Ddb39b10Organic s Studio Inks Cf77ce10Organic s Studio Inks Dd692012
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Organic s Studio Inks
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