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 The Mystery Cavendish

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PostSubject: The Mystery Cavendish   The Mystery Cavendish EmptyWed Jul 11, 2018 9:14 pm

Some years ago at Christmastime a chum gifted me with a couple bags of tobacco. The first was Diebel's (Kansas City pipe shop) Kentucky Broadcut which I quite liked. The second was an aromatic of some sort: black cavendish, yada, yada. I'm not much for aromatics but felt bound to give it a try; as I remember it was pretty much as I expected and unremarkable. Still, tobacco is tobacco; I placed it in a small jar and carried it around in the truck where it eventually got buried among the flotsam and jetsam of a fishing vehicle.

I found it recently and wondered what it was. The seal was stuck so tight I had to use my knife to break it. Talk about stoved cavendish! I can't imagine the temperature it's been exposed to over a couple years; baked, left to stew in its own juices over and over. Well let me just say that the aroma upon opening the jar was heavenly. I've never had the pleasure of smelling a 100 year old brandy or rum as the cask is first opened but I suspect it is something like what I experienced opening this tobacco. My God! Rich, ripe, heady, intoxicatingly full.

Now, I've not yet put it in a pipe; I'm waiting for a particularly quiet moment when I can be sure to soak in the experience. And I may well be disappointed, but it's gonna be interesting. The worst thing is, what if it's the best thing ever? My chum doesn't remember what the tobacco is, and even if he did, there's no way I could replicate the process!

The Mystery Cavendish MAbssOKl

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PostSubject: Re: The Mystery Cavendish   The Mystery Cavendish EmptyWed Jul 11, 2018 10:01 pm

Ah yes been there my friend! Often the end result is a bit underwhelming but sometimes it really is amazing. All I can say is if it's wonderful......enjoy it while it lasts and remember it fondly.

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The Mystery Cavendish
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