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 Night Train...tin or bulk...love it or leave it?

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PostSubject: Night Train...tin or bulk...love it or leave it?   Sat Sep 22, 2018 9:59 am

I used to LOVE C&D Night Train. It was once in my top five. I loved the crumble chunk format, the fruity/spicy flavor changes down the bowl and the power. But over the years either it was surpassed by some latest and greatest blend or I just moved on. Whatever the reason it kind of faded out of sight.

But I’m thinking about goin’ down to the station again to ride the midnight rails. So here’s two questions for the general assembly...

1. You can still get it in both tin and bulk. I used to find outrageous prices on bulk now and then. So...does anybody out there have direct recent experience with both? Any major differences? One WAY better than the other?

2.  Is this still one of Craig Tarler’s greatest hits? Is it worth rebuying? Or is there another very similar blend that does the same things, but does them better. If you know of a better mousetrap - what is it?


Lastly...it sometimes happens that someone will post something like this and it will attract a few purely negative “hater” or argumentative responses. Please, if your intended comment falls into that category, move along citizen. You’re not wanted here.

I enjoy several other websites that totally disallow negative posts...classifies them as trolling...deletes them immediately. I like it. Gonna do the same here.

Remember...posting here is a privilege, not a right.

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PostSubject: Re: Night Train...tin or bulk...love it or leave it?   Sun Sep 23, 2018 10:53 pm

I can only speak to a fairly recent 8oz tin I bought. At the time I picked it up I couldn't find bulk and it was either 2oz tins or an 8oz, the latter was a way better deal. I believe this was during a C&D tin sale at SP.com. Anyway the tobacco is very good, albeit very "fresh" tasting, not mature. I still think C&D has their mojo with Night Train & I would assume they are still excelling with some of the other earlier burleys from the Craig Tarler era.

However, lately I have been striking out with their VA blends and I am still dumb-founded by the stark difference in the cut of their recently produced ribbon mixtures. How they could go from such a home spun vibe in their production to a uniform sweeping change in the presentation of their blends with out even so much as a PSA to their long time customers irks me. Between that and the mold, I am spending my meager TAD cash on other brands.

Anyway, the Night Train was good, can't imagine the bulk being much different as long as it comes from a retailer that stores their bulks correctly.
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Night Train...tin or bulk...love it or leave it?
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