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Ever seen SNUFF REVIEWS? Empty
PostSubject: Ever seen SNUFF REVIEWS?   Ever seen SNUFF REVIEWS? EmptyMon Oct 15, 2018 11:35 am

Well, keeping in mind these are the educated opinions and preferences of ONE person...here’s a huge compendium of reviews. From a couple of his comments I think that “juxtaposer”:is affiliated with one of the snuff stores. But this doesn’t take away from the value of the reviews.

I’ll post the link then five sample reviews from some fairly common snuffs as examples.


So in addition to the reviews posted on the MrSnuff site from all sorts of different folks, this is the view from a consistent perspective.


Review for McChrystals Original and Genuine
08-10-2008 06:15PMGrind: MediumMoisture: MediumNicotine: Medium
Nice and soft texture. Great Menthol/Eucalyptus combo. Sweet but not fruity. This is my standard for mentholated. I plan to never be out of stock with this snuff! Highly recommended.

Review for Poschl Gawith Apricot08-10-2008 06:18PMGrind: FineMoisture: MoistNicotine: Medium
Strong menthol hit. Wonderful apricot undertones. Sweet but not too sweet. Soft and moist. Great containers. Widely available so there is no excuse not to try. I love the fruity menthol's for use out doors.

Review for Swedish Match Taxi Blue
08-10-2008 06:22PMGrind: CoarseMoisture: MoistNicotine: High
I love Taxi Blue! It's not just a flavor but an aroma that it sports. Being course, it's easy to snuff, but the tobacco is so soft. When my nose begins to run it runs dark. My wife once asked me if I had a nosebleed. The blow is nice and clean and the aroma remains and is also enjoyed in the lungs. As far as nicotine goes I have decided that there is no need to turn to taxi Red for more. The higher nic of Taxi Red seem to interfere with the flavor factors so it's Taxi Blue for me. This is my morning regular and because I leave it at home I will go strait to it when I get back. I can't wait to try the Taxi Rock too. If it's base is similar to Taxi Blue then it's sure to be a winner!

Review for Wilsons of Sharrow Royal George
08-15-2008 03:37AMGrind: FineMoisture: MediumNicotine: Medium
Sweet Amaretto. A favorite flavor of mine but to be used sparingly. All connoisseurs must try. Like a Rubik's cube of flavors this one will take a little time to solve. Outstanding!

Here’s a good one that shows that since these reviews were done circa 2008/2009 names of the products may have changed. This used to me called “Hops” Now it’s called “Fine Keg”.

Another one is what used to be “Ice Licorice “ is now “Root M”...I think.

Keep this in mind.

Anyway...here’s the Hop review...

Review for McChrystals Stammheimer Hopfen Schnupf
08-10-2008 06:16PMGrind: MediumMoisture: MediumNicotine: Medium
Fantastic flavor. A must try. Very tasty. One of the most edible snuffs that I have tried. Makes a good aperitif. I'm exited to discover blend combinations that would harmonize this most distinctive note.

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Ever seen SNUFF REVIEWS? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ever seen SNUFF REVIEWS?   Ever seen SNUFF REVIEWS? EmptyTue Oct 16, 2018 3:42 am

I spent quite a lot of time at snuffhouse a year or so back and yeah I think you're right juxtaposer is very.....what's the word I'm looking for here......industry? I wouldn't peg him as a copywriter but he sure is close. The reviews are good though and it does help to come at snuff from one angle. He is big on menthol which personally I couldn't care less about. Some is fine but I'd rather smell the tobacco the exception being when I'm trying to kill germs or an infection then the more the better. Thanks for reminding me to visit snuffhouse it's been awhile.

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