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 Bill Would Put Tobacco Under FDA Control

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PostSubject: Bill Would Put Tobacco Under FDA Control   Thu Mar 05, 2009 2:03 pm

I like this part........
"Under Legislation, Agency Could Require Removal of Harmful Chemicals, Additives"

Could it be that with all the harmful junk gone off tobacco the death
rate would drop?

From the story........
"In what appears to be the best chance since public health groups started pushing for it in the 1970s, Congress is poised to regulate tobacco, a product linked to 1,200 deaths each day but sold largely unfettered for centuries.

Legislation that the House Energy and Commerce Committee will take up today would place tobacco under the control of the Food and Drug Administration. Among other things, the bill would restrict the ways tobacco companies market cigarettes, require them to disclose the ingredients in their products and place larger warning labels on packages, and give the FDA the authority to require the removal of harmful chemicals and additives from cigarettes."

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PostSubject: Re: Bill Would Put Tobacco Under FDA Control   Fri Mar 06, 2009 7:03 pm

I'm pretty sure we essentially have that here...50% of packaging is devoted to warning labels and pictures which the government feels are sufficiently horrific to persuade people not to smoke...it fails on an epic scale, but that hasn't been noticed yet.

We also have labels with chemical percentages on the side, which is kind of interesting IMO...

And so far as I know, most Canadian cigarette tobacco does not have recon sheets in them...I don't know where I heard/read that, but for sure we have less additives.

Also, if this is the case, I would assume that fire-safe paper would be forbidden...that sh*t has more chemicals in it than the tobacco itself...
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Bill Would Put Tobacco Under FDA Control
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