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 Woolley Bears

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PostSubject: Woolley Bears   Thu Apr 23, 2009 8:34 pm

It's a tradition in these parts to examine wooly caterpillars (the yellow and brown fuzzy ones) before winter sets in and determine the length, severity and start date of the oncoming winter. This is determined by measuring the length and diameter of the middle brown section and comparing it to the yellow ends,,,and involves some voodoo calculations (read folklore),,,,,anyway it gives the oldtimers something to argue about,,,,This item I found in our local paper from October 1851,,,

I called on grandpa phillips the other day and grandpa was all aflutter. It seems there is a shortage of woolley bears this year and he don't know whether to get into his red flannels or cruise along in his step ins for a while longer. We looked all over his place, but nary a woolley bear could we find. So we inquired around the neighborhood and found out that Hummer Johnson has been collecting them. He stretches them out about six inches long and tacks them on the back of his wood shed.When they are dry he intends to give them to his friends for pipe cleaners. It has been reported Hummers ancestors were Scotch.
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Al in Canada


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PostSubject: wooly bears   Sat Apr 25, 2009 12:24 am

Scotchman my eye. Hummer no doubt was a good Dutchman, the Dutch know about pipes, much better than those Scots, and we think those Scots have always been spendthrifts.

lol! lol!
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Woolley Bears
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