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 David Carradine Found Dead

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PostSubject: Re: David Carradine Found Dead   Tue Jun 09, 2009 9:04 pm

From the article linked above: "According to reports, Binder said Carradine's hands had been tied behind his back and a footprint on the bed did not match his shoes."

I'm not a law enforcement professional, and I didn't sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but if the dude's hands were tied behind his back, wouldn't that tend to push suicide down the list of potential explanations for his death? Of course, I guess you can't really rule out anything if the guy was playing rodeo cowboy with his Johnson. Tough way to come out of the closet....
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Rad Davis


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PostSubject: Re: David Carradine Found Dead   Mon Jun 15, 2009 12:19 am

This is REALLY weird.

I was watching an old episode of BBC's "Prime Suspect" last night on DVD. The show was filmed in the 1990s.

In this episode, a man is found hanging by the neck from a rope over a door and with his feet on the floor. A scarf was between his neck and the rope and his pants were down around his ankles. It was meant to look like he died accidentally from autoerotic asphyxiation, but he was actually a murder victim.

The victim's name in the show was Dennis Carradine.

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PostSubject: Re: David Carradine Found Dead   Mon Jun 15, 2009 6:17 am

I am truly sad to hear this. As a law enforcement officer I won't jump to any conclusions without more information. Having said that, the hands behind the back thing doesn't necessarily mean murder. In some cases of auto erotic asphyxia the hands are bound behind the back in a slip knot and the ligature is passed over a pulley or other device and then around the neck. The idea is that when the participant is just about to lose consciousness he/she can release the slip knot which releases the pressure on the neck. Unfortunately accidents happen.
But, as I say, not enough information yet. Sad
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David Carradine Found Dead
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