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 Joe Bowman

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PostSubject: Joe Bowman   Mon Jul 06, 2009 12:30 pm

Joe Bowman died at the age of 84


Quote :
To spice up the act, he did a bit of lassoing and a few card tricks, while telling stories of the old West, a subject he regarded with deadly seriousness. “Those old westerns were his whole value system,” his son said. “He lived by a code and saw things in a way that just doesn’t exist anymore. “He could never quite accept a world in which Roy Rogers no longer counted.”Mr. Bowman told The Houston Chronicle in 1992: “So much of what I do is for the adults, reminding them of their childhood. What I remember is the morality of the westerns and of the cowboys. That’s all that westerns were: morality plays, where there was good and evil. Now look at the movies and on TV: good can be bad, there’s no distinct line. I don’t think kids learn from that.” The sharpshooting stunts followed. “He could hit an Anacin tablet with a .22 rifle at 30 yards and pulverize it every time,” said Mr. Drury, who often appeared with Mr. Bowman at shows. “Firing with two six-shooters, he could keep two targets in the air until he ran out of bullets.” In his 80s, he was still eager to drive hundreds of miles to show off his skills at schools and charity events. Somewhere along the way, he became the embodiment of Texas and a vanishing cowboy culture, a transformation that surprised even him. “Everybody comes to Texas to see cowboys,” he told his son in the 1970s. “Apparently, I’m it.

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Joe Bowman
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