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 Strange Phenominon

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PostSubject: Strange Phenominon   Mon Jul 13, 2009 2:45 pm

I had a strange experience. I go daily to a small neighborhood pub for lunch as it is the only place left to enjoy a couple of bowls during the day.

For several weeks another gent comes in and generally sits about 25 feet from me and smokes a berry or cherry flavored cigar. I smoke Virginias almost exclusively and really enjoy both SG's Full Virginia Flake and also their Medium Flake, I believe it's tinned as Golden Glow.

I have noticed that about 2 minutes after the other gent lights up, I'm tasting his cigar through my pipe! After some experimentation to make sure it wasn't something in my pipe or tobacco, I can only explain it as a result of our sense of taste being linked so closely to our sense of smell.

I have never experienced this while sitting among smokers of other cigars or pipes or cigarettes or even some of the more nefarious things folks choose to smoke, only this one gent's cigars. It's like I remember the old Middleton's Wild Cherry tasting, 30 years ago, when I was young and foolish enough to try it.

I have never even heard of this happening to anyone. Have any of you had a like experience?

I suppose it could have been worse...I could have had the same experience driving by a hog farm.

lol! shootist51
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The Duke

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PostSubject: Re: Strange Phenominon   Mon Jul 13, 2009 7:24 pm

That is interesting Shootist! I have never experienced it.
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Strange Phenominon
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