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 My Grand Act of Defiance

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Age : 61
Location : Chestnut, IL
Registration date : 2007-12-10

PostSubject: My Grand Act of Defiance   Mon Sep 07, 2009 12:19 pm

As some of you know when fall approaches, I somehow always manage to get in trouble with the locals. Illinois weather this year has been so screwed up that trees are already turning colors and harvest has not yet started. Records for wet and cool temps. It just kind of put me in the right mood.

Last time I was in hot water I had leaves piled above the height of the Impalas. I had set these city block long piles on fire at the same time. Still that wasn't enough to hide my crime. But they didn't catch me red-handed. But, they threatened to run me out of town. Me!

The first time was similar, only smaller in scale. That time the local Fire Dept. just threatened me. Said I could be fined or worst.

Really, all this trouble started with that box that arrived in the Post Office that one day. At the time that was 10 year old Pirate Kake. Two plastic bags, and a box sealed with tape on all seams. It still reeked! The Postal lady held it out away from her. Like she was going to catch something. You see. Not even burning 40 tons of leaves will hide the scent of it when I smoke it. Somebody always gets ticked off and calls the Fire Dept. to complain. Not about the leaves. The Pirate Kake. Now that jar is 15 years old. About time to get into it again.

Oh, so what did I do today. I had gotten another 3 cases of Ball jars to stow some tobacco purchases. A couple of pounds of which is Pirate Kake. I must not have been moving around fast enough for the wife this morning and she was getting growly. So I meekly took the laundry down to the Man-Cave and I am jarring up tobacco. The possibility exists of crickets in the Man-Cave so I do the laundry. But I decided to sample some 6 month old Pirate Kake. Partly because the neighbors probably won't call the Fire Dept. And mostly because Cathy hates crickets and I can imitate a cricket, while safely out of arms reach.

Pretty good smoke. Cool


"Never turn your back on a Breen".
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Tennessee Dave


Age : 68
Location : Dayton, Tennessee
Registration date : 2008-02-12

PostSubject: Re: My Grand Act of Defiance   Mon Sep 07, 2009 12:44 pm

Sounds like you are dealing with it all like a man. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: My Grand Act of Defiance   Tue Sep 08, 2009 9:01 am

Ahh, another rebel after me own heart. Twisted Evil
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Age : 62
Location : Pretoria, South Africa
Registration date : 2008-05-22

PostSubject: Re: My Grand Act of Defiance   Tue Sep 08, 2009 10:11 am

You cunning devil you.
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My Grand Act of Defiance
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