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 Pipe Smokers Intelligencer, Contest #3

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PostSubject: Pipe Smokers Intelligencer, Contest #3   Tue Nov 10, 2009 6:19 pm


Evidently there was a contest they had which was given an extension submission date, I didn't see any threads about it and figured this is a matter which should be brought to light here.

The prizes are 8 oz. of Cornell and Diehl, your choice of blend.

They only had three submissions and the extension is good until the 25th of November.

The requirements?

Quote :
The contest is to take this quote from The Red-Headed League, “It is quite a three pipe problem, and I beg that you won’t speak to me for fifty minutes,” and in 25 words or less answer what the three pipe problems were: it can rhyme, be in verse, or a simple sentence.

My submission to C&D is:

No smoking near her nor the cooking. Should I wait or risk empty stomach? Keep the woman, eat the rations, but avoid paying SCHIP taxes.

Good luck to all those who apply. It's a little sad that they've only gotten three entries to choose from, let's put some goods in their inbox to try to get some goods in our cellars!
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Pipe Smokers Intelligencer, Contest #3
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