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 DIY Snuff Hankies

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Doc Manhattan

Doc Manhattan

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DIY Snuff Hankies Empty
PostSubject: DIY Snuff Hankies   DIY Snuff Hankies EmptySun Nov 22, 2009 5:44 pm

I believe I've reached a critical point in my snuffing career: I've begun making my own handkerchiefs.

My better half owns a serger, and I quickly realized that anything the can stitch a napkin can also make a hankie. The fabric store sells perfect squares of cotton paisley for quilting, and it requires no superior intellect (thank goodness, since I don't have one) to stitch off four sides.

Now I have these jolly big cloths for my nose, and best of all, they don't show the predictable byproducts of snuffing. All things considered, the cost of them is probably foolish when snuff stores sell the classic paisley bandanas for two bucks or so, but it's a matter of style, and the more cloths I have, the better. I'll never carve a beautiful pipe, but I can do this.
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DIY Snuff Hankies
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