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 For anyone who is getting frustrated with pipe smoking

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PostSubject: For anyone who is getting frustrated with pipe smoking   Thu May 20, 2010 5:40 pm

As long as the pipe itself isn't the problem for some physics-related reason, the problem is always from too-tight and/or uneven bowl filling.

For a guaranteed perfect fill every time:

Zap a bowl's worth of tobacco in one of those beer can sized spice/coffee grinders---meaning zap for 1-2 seconds, check, repeat---until it looks (proportionally) like corn flakes breakfast cereal, or very slightly coarser.

Dump the grinder's contents onto a paper plate.

Fold the plate into a taco shell shape, and while holding the pipe over a second paper plate (to catch any spillage), pour the tobacco into the bowl. Brush away any overfill.

Rap the bowl with your knuckle a time or two to settle it, then press it down 1/3rd of the total chamber height using a tamper. Meaning so the bowl is then 2/3rds full. There's a "natural" feeling stopping point at the 1/3rd down level, for some reason, where resistance to pressure suddenly increases, so it's hard to go past without feeling like you're working to do it.

Pour the tobacco from the taco shell a second time so it gently overflows the bowl, then press to level with your thumb.

That's it. The uniformity and proper density of the tobacco assures a good, dry smoke every time. It'll smolder as steadily as a coal mine fire.

This method of filling works perfectly with virtually any ribbon cut, and many flakes. It is not recommended for shag, cube cut, or screen-blown tobacco.
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PostSubject: Re: For anyone who is getting frustrated with pipe smoking   Sat May 22, 2010 10:49 pm

Thanks for the post I'll give it a try and then respond
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For anyone who is getting frustrated with pipe smoking
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