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 Snuff On The Big Screen

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PostSubject: Snuff On The Big Screen   Snuff On The Big Screen EmptyMon May 24, 2010 9:54 am

I was watching an episode from the Jeremy Brett "Granada" Sherlock Holmes series called The Golden Pince-nez last night. I hadn't seen it in awhile and never realized how big of a role snuff played in Holmes solving the crime. Mycroft Holmes, subbing in for Watson, can be seen throughout the episode taking pinches of snuff from his snuff box. When offered a cigarette by the villain Dr. Coram, Mycroft pointed to his snuff box and said, "I prefer this". Later in the case, when trying to locate the missing lady, Mycroft handed Holmes his snuff box and said, "I think you will find this more instructive than tobacco". After Mycroft leaves, Holmes opens the snuff box to find it empty. Later, when he is in Dr. Coram's bedroom, he finds a woman's footprint on the floor and upon further investigation, he finds that Mycroft was able to find footprints throughout the bedroom by spreading his snuff all over the floor. In the end this led to the conclusion that the lady was hiding in a secret room behind the bookshelf. Of course anyone who has read the original story in the Canon knows that it was Holmes who smoked cigarette after cigarette in the Doctor's room, all the while spreading the ashes on the floor until footprints could be discerned. I just thought it was neat how the Granada Series chose to use snuff instead! Anyone know of any other TV shows or movies past or present, where snuff is present?

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Snuff On The Big Screen
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