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 anything better

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Al in Canada


Age : 73
Location : Blenheim, Ontario
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PostSubject: Re: anything better   Fri Jun 04, 2010 12:04 am

Centurian 803 wrote:
chevy5759 wrote:
Hey Fellas,

I bet catheads and gravy have killed more southern men than all the wars combined.

Yes, but they all died Happy!!!!

Cutting out all the comfort foods doesn't actually make you live longer, it just makes it seem so much longer! Very Happy

Did you hear the one about the fellow celebrating his 90th birthday and the local weekly newspaper sent out their college intern to get a human interest story. so the kid asked him all the usual things, how the world had changed during his life, what did he remember about the depression and the world war, and finally what did he credit with his long life?

The ninety year old said, "well I owe my longevity to clean living, I have never cursed, smoked, touched spiritous drink, stayed up late, nor have I fooled around with wild women."

Suddenly there is a loud banking in the front hall, a a crash of breaking glass, and a stream of profanity, accompanied by a woman's laughter.

"What's that?" asks the young reporter.

"Oh, pay it no mind, that's just my Dad and his teenage girl friend,coming in from one of his three day drunks." jocolor
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Age : 72
Location : Split between Raleigh, NC and OKC, OK
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PostSubject: Re: anything better   Fri Jun 04, 2010 6:25 pm

Justpipes wrote:
I'm with Mark, cooking on the campfire, cept I'll be cooking up some fish and grits! Going out to Topsail Island to camp for a week, week after next. I am sure there will be few mornings with campfire bacon and eggs too. Probably do shrimp and grits with brown gravy one night for dinner and a Frogmore Stew one night.

Dang it!!! You are making me hungry and jealous at the same time!!!! Enjoy the beach!!! cheers FTRPLT
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anything better
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