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    Any Chess players on here?

    I LOVE chess, though I'm not a great player by any means (some would say not even a good player). I have been attending a rather new local chess club, and will likely go tonight. No puffing allowed, however, given state laws and its location. I also play correspondence chess at...
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    Crippled Meerschaum-

    When is the divorce going to be finalized? ;) -Andrew
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    A new brother in Brooklyn

    Welcome! I am a Brooklyn native myself - birth through age 9, anyway. My Dad still lives there, off Court St. near Atlantic Ave. Heck, I was just there myself last month for a visit. I will second the recommendation for Barclay Rex (the Maiden Lane location is the best, and probably easiest to...
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    I'll drink to that...

    Awesome! -Andrew
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    Matching pipes with tobaccos

    The way I do it is I just decide what I want to dedicate the pipe to - latakia, burley, VAs, aromatics, etc. I generally dedicate smaller bowls for VA flakes, but that's a pretty loose generalization. I don't have any strict rules about it. I might sometimes find that a certain pipe is a little...
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    Heresy or Genius?

    It's a very thrifty practice, so I like it! It would have done our great depression forefathers proud to see such a complete use of the beast. -Andrew
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    Orlik Golden Sliced

    You guys have pretty hit the nail on the head with this blend. My limited experience with it was very similar. Good stuff. -Andrew
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    Savinelli Venezia

    Nice looking pipe! I feel a case of PAD coming on.... -Andrew
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    Send In the Clown

    I'd vote for a literal clown instead of the figurative ones we've got running our government. -Andrew
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    Good day to every one from Ankara, Turkey.

    Hello Sinan, It's good to see you here! Welcome. I can also attest to Sinan's pipes' quality - I have 2 Altinok meers in my rotation, and they are both excellent! (He might not say it either, but he's a great gentleman to do business with). -Andrew
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    Science Fiction

    I'm still working on his early writings, so I haven't gotten to the point of the crazies yet. Should be interesting! -Andrew
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    Has anyone tried growing their own tobacco?

    I've considered it. The growing is easy enough, and I've got enough land. I'm also in the heart of American tobacco country here in NC. Still, the post-harvest steps are what have prevented me from trying it. It's enough for me to gather and chop up tomatoes and watermelons. To have to hang...
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    Im out of room!

    Most impressive!! Let me know if you need help disposing of some of that :) -Andrew
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    Science Fiction

    I'll second the recommendation for Philip K Dick. I've been reading some of his short stories lately. There's some amazing concepts in there. I mean, the guys stories inspired some solid movies: Total Recall, Blade Runner, A Scanner Darkly, Minority Report... Really good stuff that gets you...
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    Priceless Gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good show, indeed, Dover!! JP - so, you gonna smoke it? -Andrew