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    My hole in the wall.

    very nice :afro:
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    Where can I find a poker for around 100 Bucks????

    I've heard that boswell has some pipes that aren't always listed right away. try giving them a call.
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    2008 Christmas Care Package for the Troops

    I echo PipeRanters comment... this is a really great thing that you are doing for us troops! thanks all for supporting our brothers that are now playing down in the sandbox! 8) $arge
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    Long time reader first time poster

    Thanks trout, seems that way. thanks all...
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    Long time reader first time poster

    Hi all, I've been lurking around a while and finally decided to register. first off, great website! very nice looking and full of helpful and great info. like many, i remember my old man smoking a bowl or two and the sweet smell of the aromatics when i was young, and being a cigar smoker a...