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    Deleting/editing posts

    For personal reasons I'd like to delete or in other cases edit some of my older posts. With the old format I'm sure there was a way to do this but I don't see how here. Can anyone advise?
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    Hi, I was wondering if there is a way of deleting/editing any of my old posts. I have a...

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a way of deleting/editing any of my old posts. I have a personal reason for doing so. I know I was able to edit posts at least previously but I don't see how here. I thought there was a way of doing it in the old format. Thanks, Marlowe
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    Breaking News: my daughter has a cough and sore throat.

    Hey BH, I'm glad to hear your daughter is well. We went through the same with my daughter - in -law in Florida. She works in a doctors office, someone in the office tested positive for C-19 so we thought for sure she had it....apparently not. As far as taking local pollen and honey for...
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    It was a bad week

    Hey corncobcon, I hope you're doing a bit better. I'm cheering for you up here north of the border. We do have to continue to be vigilant; hand washing, masks in public, social distancing for a while yet I'm afraid but that's not a lot of consolation when you've lost a friend. Stay healthy, stay...
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    Bees, Wasps, and Hornets ...

    That was an interesting and thought provoking post. As a beekeeper having had 100's of stings I've never thought if they had any affect on my palate. I know that as one who smokes a pipe only occasionally through the cooler months, (maybe three times a week) on average and probably not at all...
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    A Peterson/Squadron Leader kind of day

    Happy New Year Brothers of Briar! This winter I have been unusually stuff, some stress, some changes etc and I had gotten into a bit of a rut. I was pacing around this morning and Mrs Beeman told me I should get out for a walk. Being the obedient husband that I am  :roll:  I...
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    6 and 7 year old FVF for sale **Now in 50g bundles for $15**

    And it will only get worse here in Canada Blackhorse. New regs on labeling put emphasis on font size and color..or should say no color. The labels will al be generic and printed in gray scale. No more recognizing your favorite brand on the shelf by it's unique label. This means that pipe tobacco...
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    How was your weather today?

    Overcast and -2C. Freezing rain expected warning on for later today and tomorrow. It's been a mild winter so far with little snow. Totally opposite from last year and somewhat unusual for here.
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    6 and 7 year old FVF for sale **Now in 50g bundles for $15**

    I'd buy some but I'm always leery of Canada customs and what they'll end up adding to the cost. I was badly burned on a shipment from C&D a long time back - cost me in taxes and duty as much as the tobacco itself. I'm not sure how a small amount privately purchased would fair. I suppose I could...
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    Back after almost 6 years.

    Welcome back S.T...a little late on he welcome but better late than never. The newest legislation on the way (I hear from a friend), or maybe it's already here is the subdued grayscale labeling requirements. That means some of the classic labels such as Squadron Leader and those from C&D will...
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    New to me pipe rack

    My son found this at an antique store near where he lives and gave it to me for Christmas. It's on a lazy susan too which is awesome! I can get 12 more pipes out of the box!
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    Peterson Christmas

    That is a lovely looking briar! I've been eyeing them but just can't justify the expense just now.
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    P-Lip Surprise

    For those who found the P-lip a tough go, I had the same experience the first number of times. I left my one and only Peterson with a p-lip (a 20s) alone for a number of years using only my fishtail stems. I love the look of some of the system pipes and started to get more into them after...
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    This Peterson haunts me,

    Since replying to this post in September I became even more interested in discovering the Peterson world. I scored a beautiful, gnarly sandblasted 301 with a p-lip and have smoked it several times with none of the negative effects I had encountered before (burned roof of my mouth etc). For me, a...