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    Happy St. Pat's Day

    Happy St Pattys Day! A Fitzgerald right here...will be lighting up a celebratory pipe tonight! -Adam
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    Distance Education - Online Courses

    We have a great online program where I work. Def one of the better programs in the Northeast. Plus you have the benefit of actually getting a degree from a true brick and mortar university.
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    Anyone own a Jirsa pipe?

    I own a Jirsa which was a gift from my gal last Christmas. It's a rusticated semi-horn shape, and I love it. It's been a great pipe so far. Pretty heavy for its size so it's def not a clencher.
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    Hypothetical Living Abroad poll

    I just looked. I think I am gonna go lay down and thank the good Lord for the freezing cold climate I am in right now. :pale:
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    Well it took 80 some-odd years to get here...

    I wonder if it belonged to this fellow... :D Original found here... Shorpy - Big Wheel in Waco 1913
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    I'm a grandpa!

    Congrats! That is a true blessing! :cheers:
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    A question about marriage for PB

    I am at a loss for words. Great sentiments, and words to truly live by. :cheers:
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    Boots! Let's discuss em...

    So as a follow up, I stopped into my local Redwing shop in town (we have had a shop here for almost 30 years, it was my first time there). Talk about a first rate experience!!! The shop owner Joel, was you classic shoe shop guy and could not have been any more helpful. He was awesome, absolutely...
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    She said "yes"... : )

    Ha! Touché my friend, touché. :lol: -Adam
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    She said "yes"... : )

    Ha! I musta cross referenced some marriage advice from another thread, or I completely imagined it... :scratch: Looks like I am losing my mind already. I retract my previous statement. :D
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    Boots! Let's discuss em...

    Holy crap! 16? Wow. To add to this discussion further, I did laundry last evening and decided to take inventory of all of our clothes just for shits and giggles. Of the roughly 40 or so garments that I had washed, the percentage of items manufactured in the USA was... :drumroll: Zero...
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    She said "yes"... : )

    Don, it's funny you say that. We never go to bed angry, and we always make it a point to kiss and say good night no matter what. And we always say "goodbye" and "I love you" even if I am just running across the street for a minute. I always thought people would think of that as cheesy, but I do...
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    Inglourious Basterds - Great flick!

    I checked out Inglourious Basterds this past week on Blu-Ray, and I gotta say, if you like Tarantino, you'll love this film. Great period film (not historically accurate by ANY means in terms of events, but very much accurate in the costume/settings) based in WWII German occupied France. Fair...
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    Boots! Let's discuss em...

    No need to apologize...I want this to evolve into a discussion of that sort. :D The term is "planned obsolescence" for products made today. Cars, washers, dryers, tv's, phones...none are built to last. If they were, businesses would be out. The real reason the Maytag repair man is so bored...
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    She said "yes"... : )

    Thanks everyone! Really appreciate it! I'll be doing some semi-engagement pics in the next week or so. I'll post up when that happens... Thanks again for all the kind words! -Adam