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    safety razors

    Buy a Tatara Masamune!! They are phenomenal razors! They are all stainless steel razors, similar to a Feather Razor, with much higher shave quality and a little more expensive as well ($200+ depending on model). There are two models in the Tatara line “Tatara Masamune”, and “Tatara Nodachi”. The...
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    Wet Shavers' preferred blades

    Personna Med Prep (Blue wrapper) these are the blades used in hospitals. You get a better deal if you buy them from a medical supply warehouse company ;)
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    Hello From Long Island, NY

    Thank You. It’s been awhile since I have had any Nicotine in my system. I used to smoke cigars for 10+ years and dabbled with pipes for a couple of years. Since then (8 years) I have had very few intoxicants in my system besides caffeine from green and oolong teas. My nervous system has always...
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    Hello From Long Island, NY

    I have been away from pipe smoking since 2011. I was sad to hear that McClellans pipe tobacco company has closed their doors three years ago ;( All of the Frog Morton blends were my absolute favorites when I smoked back in the day. They were quite flavorful with a low nicotine content. I will...