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    Acetone for Lakeland ghost removal?

    Before the Ozone treatment.......try jamming the juicy, oily peel of a fresh naval orange into the bowl of your pipe, making sure the oily rind contacts the inside of the bowl. Squeeze/crush the rind to release the oils and juices then jam it into the bowl, tightly. Leave some rind hanging out...
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    It's good...if you like that family of blue-mold cheeses. I buy it all the time.
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    At What Point Did You Consider Yourself An Adult

    To be honest....I don't know. Interesting question, though. I think I'm an "adult" when it comes only to certain and very specific aspects of my life. Paying bills, and not spending myself into debt, being civil and tolerant to neighbors, trying to avoid the Cardinal Sins, etc.....but in some...
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    What An Awful Smell

    One of my fav summer suppers is a nice thick slab of fresh tuna, that has been flame-broiled on the barby. Marinate the tuna steaks in some herbs, garlic paste, salt, pepper, freshly squeezed lemon juice and olive oil. Sear over hot coals. Flame-broiled fresh tuna, tastes nothing even...
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    What An Awful Smell

    Over the years the quality of supermarket brands of canned tuna has fallen. What used to be when opened, a chunk of solid, white tuna, has now morphed into small chunks of soupy-pasty, brown, foul-smelling, tuna flakes. Disgusting! Years ago I'm sure I remember buying solid Albacore, and not...
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    When did the Danish pipe boom start in North America?

    It was so long ago that I can't really remember if it was Barkley Rex, or maybe it was Wally Frank's?... that had a guy repairing pipes in the front store-window in their store on Greenwich Street. His repair "shop" (aka Pipe-Hospital), was in full view of everyone that walked by the store. I...
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    When did the Danish pipe boom start in North America?

    In New York City, before the World Trade Centers went up in the '70s the area in and around the Twin Towers...consisted of stores that were filled with war surplus, factory close-outs, job-lots, hardware stores, old-school tobacconists, electronics, radios.....a true, tinker's paradise. Canal...
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    Don't Laminate!

    I just bought (Etsy) a pack of (50) 3" X 4" vinyl protective sleeves -for the vaccine cards- for less than $14.00. The vaccine card(s) easily slips in and out of the protective sleeve -in case booster shots are required/necessary. I bought the extra sleeves for family, friends...
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    Easter at our house...

    You guys made me laugh. A blessed gift, in today's, thanks.
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    Meeting my brother for the first time.

    I pray that your meeting brings unimagined joys and new love to all, and for all, involved. What a wonderful, and blessed gift!
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    Ridiculousness on MTV

    Just google ....the sophomoric words for the hidden meaning. If I was still in my long gone, salad days...I would have laughed longer than just a few minutes.
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    DIY Home Blend: "GOLDEN HOURS"

    To be honest, with the today's FDA's restrictions/deeming regulations....I'm happy to have ANY pipe-tobacco!
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    DIY Home Blend: "GOLDEN HOURS"

    Now that McClelland is defunct, so now is "Golden Hours". It was a very nice mixture to smoke. Nothing lasts, forever.
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    First try at Shrimp Creole

    My mouth is watering..... Incredible how easily I can be induced to sabotage my trying-to-lose-some-weight, diet.
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    First try at Shrimp Creole

    A favorite in my house when eating meat of Fridays was banned and still a pre-Vatican-2 rule. Mom made this and it was great to get whiff of the fragrant aroma of tomato sauce, peppers, shrimps....... My job was to shell and clean the shrimps. I still make this classic, once in a while...but...