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  1. Centurian 803

    Happy International Pipe Smoking Day

    It's a beautiful sunny I.P.S.D. here in E Tennessee. It's a balmy 5 degrees outside. I'm inside where it is warm and toasty with my Stanwell Golden Dansk 186 and the last of my Penzance. Happy day to all! :study:
  2. Centurian 803

    BROKEN PIPE / Dick "Chief Catoonah" Silverman

    I was gifted a sample of his excellent Princes Street Mixture. Superb smoke. My condolences to his family and friends.
  3. Centurian 803

    HAPPY IPSD Brothers!!!

    In my Savinelli Porto Cervo 320KS a bowl of Prairie Wind. Bless you brothers and sisters one and all.
  4. Centurian 803

    Merry Christmas BoB'ers

    My Brothers and Sisters I am sitting in my office enjoying a bowl of ten year old Christmas Cheer and waiting for the son & daughter-in-law and all the grandkids to arrive. But best of all is the peace I feel in my heart. My wish for Christmas is that all my brothers and sisters of briar should...
  5. Centurian 803

    Sad Sad Day

    This tough old cop cried like a child every time I had a pet put down. My condolences to you and your dad. maybe this will help: Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge...
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    Secret Santa 2013

    When I opened my package the term "an embarrassment of riches" sprang to mind. I found the following: 1. A "sample" of Peter Stokkeby Luxury Navy Flake (about 2-4 oz) 2. A "sample" of P. S. Luxury Bull's Eye Flake (same) 3. A "sample" of Lancer's Slices (same) 4. 50g tin of Blue Mountain by...
  7. Centurian 803

    Back surprise

    Not much I can add to what has already been said. We're all pulling for you. Hang in there brother.
  8. Centurian 803

    Secret Santa 2013

    Received a priority mail package today. I think I hurt myself carrying it into the house. Didn't get to open it cause I was busy cooking for a party at my brother's house tomorrow. Looks like it will be Monday before I get to see what's in there. I love anticipation. :shock: :twisted: 
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    Least Competent Criminals

    It was guys like that who used to make me look good on the job. :twisted: 
  10. Centurian 803

    Happy Birthday Natch!

    Happy happy joy joy! Keep on trucking brother.
  11. Centurian 803

    Birthday present from my wife

    A double blessing. A new pipe and a wife who is that thoughtful. Good on you.:bounce: 
  12. Centurian 803

    Blackhorse's Birthday

    Sorry. I was out of town. Happy Belated Birthday!
  13. Centurian 803

    BoB Portrait Gallery

    Hermit. Love the hat!
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    Happy birthday my friend. Pork chops, grits and eggs. Now that's the way to celebrate!
  15. Centurian 803

    Kaywoodie Pipes

    I have two Kaywoodies that were made without stems and they are both excellent smokers. I never have been a fan of the ones with stingers in them.