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    E Pipes

    Thanks for your response. Can you pass along any sites where I can find those good tobacco flavored liquids? A significant part of my smoking pleasure is the flavor, especially the flavor of a good english or flake.
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    E Pipes

    I am considering trying an E Pipe for those times when it is too cold outside or I just can't get out. I smoke 8-10 bowls a day and the weather and holiday social times are making car and outside time harder to get. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about these?
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    Secret Santa 2015

    Santa swung by my place yesterday and screwed up! He got me mixed up with somebody on the Nice side of his list and left me am impressive package. 5 Tins of Tobacco I have never tried and all appear to fit into my sweet spot. Dan Tobacco - Old Ironsides Sillems Commodore Flake...
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    Smoke Odor

    Now that we are empty nesters the wife and I are trying to sell our house. The only criticism we have gotten from anyone is "It smells like smoke." Duh! She is a cigarette smoker and I have smoked my pipes. We have several of the (Home Depot) air cleaners running constantly. She is planning...
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    Secret Santa 2013

    Found a huge box on the door step! Santa was a little quicker than I have been - mine will go out tomorrow. He also got me confused with someone on the 'Nice' side of his list. What a nice package! Cornell & Diehl - Star of the East Flake Cornell & Diehl - Christmas Blend 2013 GL Pease -...
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    Pipes and Cigars

    I switched from cigars to pipes a few years ago in response to family comments about the room note. (They actually said "stink" of course.) They said that the pipe smoked by a relative (a cherry aro) smelled a lot better than my cigars. I still have 2 humidors filled with cigars, including...
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    The future of pipe smoking?

    We started something this year that I have to share here. It may well become a regular part of our holiday tradition. My smarter half and I hosted a holiday dinner for our kids - 18 and 21 - and a few of their friends the other night. My son and at least one of the other guys had been asking...
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    Cavendish Attitude

    I have a very negative attitude about cavendish and I'm not sure if it is justified. Since some less than taste satisfying experiences early in my piping days I have automatically turned away from any tobaccos that list cavendish in the blend. Mostly now I am smoking English blends and a few...
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    Secret Santa 2012

    Got my BIG box from Santa yesterday! He obviously has me confused with someone who has been good this year (or I got someone else's box.) Nine tobaccos that I have never tried. All tins are dated and some have already been aged several years. Santa really dug into the cellar for these. I've...
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    notes from a novice

    Good to read of your favorable start up experience. I'm sure it brings back memories for many of us. I only started on the pipe a few years ago myself. Like you I was switching. My switch was from good hand rolled Dominican and Cuban cigars. I still have 2 humidors full of them. I tried a...
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    Jack Knife Plug

    Got a tin of JKP a while back and opened it recently with much anticipation - and was pretty disappointed. No matter how I packed it, shredded it, balled it up, whatever I just haven't been able toget much taste or keep it lit. After reading great reviews of this smoke I wonder if I am doing...
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    Virgin Cob

    Lost a well-weathered and much used cob yesterday. Must have bounced off the golf cart when I wasn't paying attention. That's why I only smoke cobs on the golf course, though. The cost of replacing a prized briar would be much worse. So, this morning I packed and lit up a new cob. Wow! I...
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    Cleveland B & M

    Thanks for the response. I may check out Cousins. I have been underwhelmed with Smokers Haven in Columbus lately. It is a really nice store and the guys there are very knowledgeable and friendly but their tobacco selection has been very limited for over a year now.
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    Cleveland B & M

    Travelling to Cleveland (Ohio) tomorrow afternoon and expect to have a few hours to kill. Does anyone have a recommendation for a B&M that may have a selection of pipes and tobaccos?
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    Restricted Stem Help

    I picked up a great pipe at the Columbus Pope show this past fall. It is a Comoy Heirloom. It is a beautiful sitter and it is the largest capacity bowl I have and it smokes great! I have dedicated it to Virginia Flake and it is a smoke I always look forward to enjoying. My only issue with...