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    Popped into Boston’s famous L.J. Peretti today!

    Sounds like you had a great time there. I have an L. J. Peretti pipe and it smokes great!
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    Hello to all.

    Howdy, and welcome. I like Peterson pipes also, have 5 now. Enjoy the board.
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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Good morning all. Thunderstorm in progress, great time to fill up the pipe and retreat to my man cave. Breaking in my new MM Kingston Judge corn cob with some CH. Nice pipe, but, I would have preferred a curved stem. Time for another cup of coffee!
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    Anybody here a Brigham man?

    I have two Brigham pipes that smoke well. A Heritage billiard with slight bend, and an older rusticated pot 259 with slight bend also. They have the maple insert. Works the way it is supposed to work. I clean out the inserts, let them dry and use them again.
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    Reintroducing myself...

    Welcome back!
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    The Booster

    Waiting for the mederna booster. Haven't heard yet. I don't think it's a good idea to mix different brands.
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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    EGR in an SMS Turkish meerschaum large bent billiard with latticework.
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome back!
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    Got my truck back today.

    Seems to be running fine so far, but, yes, wondering about an "underlying problem".
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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    My morning ritual of Carter Hall, this time in a L.J. Paretti bent volcano. Morning coffee to drink.
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    Got my truck back today.

    Last week while in town, my truck died at a stop sign. I had to get it towed. It took a week for the guy to get to it. Finally, he had to reprogram the computer. Now all is fine, (I hope). It only cost me 50 bucks. If I had to have it towed to the nearest Dodge dealer, (30 miles away), I...
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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Opened my last tin of Orlik DSK from January 2018, smoking it in an L.J. Peretti bent volcano.
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    I Really Don't Understand Women 2021

    Sounds like a match, a woman who doesn't want to have babies, and a horny old man!!!