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    Popped into Boston’s famous L.J. Peretti today!

    I was there years ago and experienced some Boston attitude. I was aquatinted with one of the guys from pipe shows and he was not very friendly.
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    Keeping sliver work nice...

    I use a jewelry cloth. Be careful, the silver fittings can and will spin off the pipe and be crushed without a second thought. Been there, done it. If they even get creased they will never look of fit right again.:geek:
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    You Wouldn't Want to Live in My City

    I’m from the area and at that time the Hells Angles were “working” as baggage handlers for NWA and running drugs though MSP. They were busted but received just a slap on the wrist.
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    It's A Great Time To Be A Skilled Tradesman

    I was a Union Heavy Equipment Operator for 35 years before I retired last November. It can be a boom/bust life and it can be very hard on your body but I was able to retire with boom time pension at 57. Now I’m working very part time in a pipe shop/cigar lounge and am not missing construction...
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    Reintroducing myself...

    WoW! It feels strange to Welcome Back the Founder/Owner of the board. Time flies, seems like yesterday when we were the new upstart pipe board. 🤓
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    Broken Pipe - Frank Burla

    Sad News. I first met Frank in the early nineties when I called him about visiting his Museum. He invited me over that day and we were friends since. I always enjoyed hanging out with him at Pipe Shows. He was a great promoter of the hobby and especially for His Chicagoland International Pipe...
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    Maybe The Time To Move to the Suburbs

    WoW, even $10 grand sounds good to me. I pay more property taxes in a month here then I pay in a year for my home in SoAZ.
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    Break=in Tobacco?

    I break in a pipe with my regular tobacco that I smoke and enjoy everyday. There’s no sense in smoking something that you normally wouldn’t smoke (ie for me Carter Hall or Five Brothers🤮) just to break in a new pipe!:geek:
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    Got my truck back today.

    I doubt “reprogramming” the computer will fix the underlying problem.
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    Is Aged Tobacco Mostly Mystique?

    I thought I would like this so I bought a couple of pounds and even with age it still tastes horrible. Depends, some stuff like Balkan Supreme, the Frogs and other McClelland Latakia mixtures tasted great fresh while my GLP favorites need at least a few years of age. :geek:
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    Hermit Tobacco Works Holiday Blend 2010?

    That a Great Looking Tin. It looks very fresh like its been stored in the dark with nice bright colors! On a side note J (RIP) and Louise were close with many of us in the Milwaukee Area Pipe Society. They were regulars at our Pipe Show and Swap every summer. Those were great shows and we...
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    Selling your McClelland's?

    I don't believe this is correct. :geek:
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    I'm not buying any more jars!!

    When I decided to start another cellar at my home in AZ last winter I tried with no luck to find 32oz wide mouth jars with no luck. I was told at several stores it was because of Covid related supply chain issues. Some did come in before I left for the season so I was finely able to jar up the...
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    Digging through my tobacco larder and...HoCheMunga!

    I think David Windsor/Bufflehead might have tinned some bulk Dunhill blends in addition to McClelland. I’m actively looking for the non generic Bufflehead tins for my personal collection that I display on my hearth if anyone has they want to move or trade for. :geek:
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    Balkan Supreme producer.

    Yeah that confused me too but I reluctantly ordered 10 pounds in February during their IPSD Promo. I requested and was shipped 2 sealed 5 pound bags of Arango Balkan Supreme. (For the record it’s the same as the older bulk PSBS and the tinned Balkan Sasieni and the Danish version of Pelican) :geek: