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    Special rack needs

    I just started a sub-collection of Peterson's System pipe. The first one came today, a 302. Problem: because of the flared mouthpiece it won't fit on any of my racks, either with the circle for the stem or the slot for the stem. The flare is just at the wrong point and blocks the stem from...
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    We’re melting!

    Who'd a thought!
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    What constitutes a high grade pipe?

    For me, a high grade pipe must be made from exquisite briar and be designed so that all the lines flow uninterrupted and make "sense" to the eye. In my experience, most pipes that I would call high grade are hand carved and are one-of-a-kind. Of course another way to talk about high grade is...
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    Does anyone smoke an Artison pipe like thia

    Among other qualities, for a pipe to join my rack it must have beautiful unbroken lines and must be comfortable in the hand and in the mouth. So, I would not chose this one.
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    Ride Share - Chicago Show

    Are you interested in sharing a ride from O'Hare Airport to the Chicago Show? I'm arriving at O'Hare @ 6:30 PM, Thursday, May 3rd. If you want to share transportation expenses, please contact me:, 845-489-7242. Thanks, Rob
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    Sassiness mouthpiece

    Thanks for giving me a heads up about the 'S." I thought it was a sand pit before looking at it under magnification, but there it is . . . to the right of 'Buckingham.' Rob
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    Sassiness mouthpiece

    Stem looks to be original. Here's a couple of better pics of the pipe. - Rob
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    Stolen! 1926 Barling.

    I hate hearing news like this. There usually is such honor among pip esters . . . . Rob
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    Posting images...some basics under the new system.

    You can't be talking about the pipe . . . must be talking about me . . . good observation. R
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    Bruce Weaver Pipes

    I know Bruce and his pipes. Both first-rate. Rob
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    Picking a Pipe Shape

    Hi Wij. All of the types of choices you've listed are valid . . . also, any combination of them. I suggest you look at pipes for a while without buying. My guess is that you'll find yourself looking at one shape or brand or whatever more than others. Your preferences will form in your mind...
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    Sassiness mouthpiece

    It didn't work this time . . . did last time . . . one more try, then I've giving up . . . Rob D
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    Sassiness mouthpiece

    Thanks for the pointers on posting images. I think I've got it, now. So, the issue is the mouthpiece on the Sasieni pictured below. I just won it from Gabriella Harvell (bellasesales) . It's a beautiful, tight grained FOUR-DOT NATURAL 'Buckingham' and arrived perfectly cleaning ready to...
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    Posting images...some basics under the new system.

    Nope . . . I'll try again . . .
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    Posting images...some basics under the new system.

    OK. the image showed up in the inset. Let's see if it shows up here . . .