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    What age will you retire?

    Ah, that explains all the bullshit everyone keeps shoveling on me at work.
  2. Doc Manhattan

    And so it begins

    Yale would have to do something amazing to have a worse year than last on the gridiron, but they're full of surprises. Even so, boola boola! Announcing lowlight from yesterday, courtesy of ABC: saying Penn State's Allen Robinson was "like a man among boys." Gotta be a better way to say that, folks.
  3. Doc Manhattan

    The Russians are comming

    I like this one better, tovarisch. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0" loading="lazy" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  4. Doc Manhattan

    Anyone a fan of reggae?

    If it's open season on ska/rocksteady... <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" loading="lazy" allowfullscreen></iframe> And went to college with these guys (including a future CSI: Miami star in there on the slide trombone.) <iframe...
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    Disappointed :(

    I'm sorry the fates conspired against you, brother. It really speaks to what a stand-up guy you are that A. you recognize upfront that priority #1 is providing for your family and B. in the time that you you do have, you're still bound and determined to make your pipemaking dreams work. No...
  6. Doc Manhattan


    Love that pattern/shape! My wife collects china, and found a nearly-complete 6-piece basic set of Starbust, plus s&p shakers and coffee service at Savers... didn't know what it was but sank what turned out to be a smart $40 investment...
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    I collect Tiki mugs and other Polynesiana... one of those novelties that just got out of hand. It makes for fun cookouts. I'm also a bit of a clothes horse. For a long while I either justified it as a practical need, or browbeat myself for dandyism. Now I realize it's just another form of...
  8. Doc Manhattan

    How Canadians put out truck fires

    So that's what they do with all the beer they import from the States.
  9. Doc Manhattan

    Rubber Room

    A waiting list to get into the Asylum here... yep, sounds about right.
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    Looks Like Deja Vu Again

    "They'd get right if y'ouns didn't keep forgetting to use your Green Weenies." --My beloved Grandma, still telling it like it from a humble plot in Somerset
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    Suggestion: "Hide Thread" Feature.

    The backbone of this site, phpBB, is free and open source. Anyone who wants to write a plug-in is welcome to--we'd certainly give it a try after it's built, tested, and made available through our hosting service.
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    A fair question

    My question: What kind of god allowed this terrible track by Starship? <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0" loading="lazy" allowfullscreen></iframe> Seriously, from "White Rabbit" to...
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    Shave of the Day.

    I have finally come over to the DE side of the force... working my way through a variety pack of blades to figure out what works for me. Today was a BlueBird in a little Gillette with Proraso Green soap. Lotta alum on the neck and jawline... not the razor's fault, just the learning curve.
  14. Doc Manhattan

    need groomsmen gift ideas?

    Best groomsman gift I ever got was a set of cufflinks... groom was lke a brother to all of us, so he was able to track down links that were uniquely "us". (I got little tiki heads, my pal who was a park ranger got compasses, etc.) The wallet I carry to this day was also a groomsman gift, came...
  15. Doc Manhattan

    And in Other News . . .

    Gives new meaning to "He's turning in his grave."