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    Mesh routers

    I've got a mesh setup in my house. It's TP-Link Deco, so not the same but likely similar. Unless you are trying to do something out of the ordinary, these are pretty easy to install. For mine at least, it was just a matter of downloading the app, creating a network name, connecting the main...
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    Two Days This Week at McDonald's

    I'm not a huge McD fan, but oddly enough it is a perfect "on the road" food. If I'm ever in need of a meal while driving, that's one of my go-tos. $6.99 for the 2 cheeseburger combo with large fries and large drink isn't too bad. It's those fancy sandwiches that get you. And in the words of...
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    Welcome from Los Angeles... the pipe tobacco wasteland.
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    Tuck The Girls In

    That is quite possibly the funniest thing I've heard in weeks. Your grandson sounds like my kinda kid. :)
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    Hello from So Cal

    Thanks all. Looking forward to participating. :)
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    Hello from So Cal

    Glad to be here. What part of SoCal? I'm involved in a couple other forums and have met (in person) a few that are local to me. I'm in Torrance, so basically Los Angeles.
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    Hello from So Cal

    Hi all... happy to be joining this group from the Los Angeles area. Been smoking the better part of 25 years, both cigars and pipes. While I prefer the cigar when smoking with buddies (which is rare now), I find myself smoking my pipes daily as it's honestly good for my soul. The simple act of...