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    Affleck the new Batman

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    McClelland's Deep Hollow

    Sounds good, I'll be trying some when I havw the cash to stock up again.
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    McClelland's Deep Hollow

    Hearth & Home Louisiana Red. It's one of the other blends I picked up to try more red VA. Sorry for short responses, I'm having to use my phone to reply.
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    McClelland's Deep Hollow

    I agree with everything except the red va's part. I smoked louisiana red after and it was no where near as sweet. Definitely some sort vanilla sweetener topping.
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    McClelland's Deep Hollow

    Yes, it is stoved red and black virginias. I think with a bit of topping as well, maybe casing? Either way it's tasty and not overbearing in the slightest.
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    Hello to all

    Welcome aboard brother!
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    McClelland's Deep Hollow

    THis and Captain Cool have been my only experience with their aros but they are pretty good. I didn't dig the mint too much though. If you like their aro's I'm sure you'd dig DH.
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    McClelland's Deep Hollow

    It's noticeable, at the end of the bowl you'll feel it for sure. Definitely not as strong as an english though :lol: They would have no complaints about the smell either.
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    McClelland's Deep Hollow

    Well I'm finally on bowl number three of this stuff after receiving it earlier today. I've smoked this only in my new dublin which has a tall, narrow bowl which works best for me when it comes to VA and light aros. The smoke is a nice white with touches of grey, it stays very cool no matter...
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    BSP - P8 - Slender Brandy

    I can understand that brother. Tough thing to deal with indeed. It isa shame though, if your stories were as good as your pipes I'd sure as hell read em. Keep up the good work, Kirk.
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    Broadening my horizons - Radioactive

    WOO! You have impeccable timing, I just found this song(the original) a few days ago and I've been looking for more versions. Hands down, yours has been my absolute favorite. I'm listening to it for the third time now. If my bass was working I'd offer you a bassline :lol:  Your voice is...
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    First Pipe in...I dont know how long

    Forget the grammar patrol. How was your first smoke of the summer? I can't do latakia that early in the day, something with my palate just doesn't accept it till I'm unwound for the day. :scratch: 
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    Greetings, salutations, and an ample heads up

    Welcome!! :cheers: 
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    Must be a good month for Minnesotans

    I'm a bit late to the party, but welcome aboard! I look forward to many conversations with you, sir! :cheers: 
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    BSP - P8 - Slender Brandy

    That's a gorgeous pipe Kirk. As usual, knocked it outta the park. I love the color of the stem as well. As for the dreams, have you ever considered writing stories based off of them? Cause I was sad that it ended so shortly :(