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    Hello to all.

    Welcome to BoB! I hope you enjoy your time here "T"
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    Semi-Newbie from Pennsylvania

    Welcome, Brad; I hope you enjoy your time here "T"
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    fifth vaccine shot of the year

    Yes, the 1st shooting was esp. disturbing; other than that we seem to be chugging along ok!
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    fifth vaccine shot of the year

    Yep, just thrilling! Unusually, I even had a slight reaction to the shot last night, but that was gone this morning.
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    fifth vaccine shot of the year

    2 part covid, 2 part shingles, and the flu shot today; I hope that's the last one for a while! :rolleyes:
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    First TAD Outbreak in Years

    I think most of us would agree that's a reasonable response!
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    Happy to find a small forum

    Welcome to BoB! At this point, I think I have the right amount of total tobacco, but an incorrect distribution ;)
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    Is Aged Tobacco Mostly Mystique?

    I think the rule simply is 'aging tobacco changes it.' Whether or not that change is good or not is up the smoker. Toppings mellow or disappear, Latakia and Orientals certainly evolve but not sure how to characterize them; VA and Perique mellow and sweeten. Rough edges may smooth out. I...
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    TAD -- yes, I'm weak!

    Yes, I have more than enough, but when I saw Smoking Pipes had some G&H I could resist and ordered 4 oz of Coniston and 6 oz of Scotch Flake. If $ wasn't tight, I'd have ordered a lot more!
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    Welcome to BoB! I hope you have a good time here "T"
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    Do You Still Have A Sportcoat?

    Sports coats? Yes. Dress trousers? of course. An actual suit? Nope.
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    Hello from Atlanta, GA

    Welcome! I hope you are able to keep finding your favorites!
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    A pipe mystery with a 'rival of sherlock Holmes'

    I first became aware of the character of Dr Thorndyke back in the 70s with a British import to PBS called 'The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes.' I'm reading/rereading the early Dr Thorndyke stories, and one of the short stories might be of interest to pipers. The author, R. Austin Freeman, was...
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    Cheers from Portland

    Welcome to BoB! I hope you enjoy your time here "T"
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    What Are You Reading?

    'Switcheroo' by Aaron Elkins. Somehow I missed this 2016 (and currently last) entry in the series. I've been a fan since the 2nd entry ('The Dark Place'). This is about the weakest entry of the series; perhaps why he hasn't written more. If you know the old tv series named after the main...