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    Any WORDLE fans here?

    depending on the day, it's either fun or a bit frustrating :rolleyes:
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    Welcome to BoB! Taking a quick look, I see JR Cigars seems to have two glass ashtrays, not sure if they're your style or not. Cigar Ashtrays | Premium Cigar Accessories | JR Cigars
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    Hello from Mid-Missouri

    Welcome to BoB!
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    Hello from the UK

    Welcome to BoB!
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    Hello from the Great Lakes State!

    Welcome to BoB!
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    Hi from Florida

    Welcome to BoB! Hope to see you posting about. "T"
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    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Welcome to BoB, PAPiper!
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    Hello from Tennessee

    Some others may chime in if I'm wrong, but I believe the Peterson versions of the Dunhill products are the same as the last produced under the Dunhill name, but slightly different from older versions.
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    Hello from Tennessee

    Peterson now produces Elizabethan under it's own name, so it's not really rare. McConnell's Regent Street is also similar. Have you tried Dunhill (again, now Peterson makes/sells it) Deluxe Navy Rolls? Again, McConnell has the very similar Highgate.
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    Hello from Tennessee

    Welcome! As for me, I'd smoke that tin!
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    What Are You Reading?

    Three fairly recent Nero Wolfe novels by Robert Goldsborough: 'The Battered Badge' 2018; 'Death of an Art Collector' 2019, and 'Trouble at the Brownstone' 2020. As in many of these continuation novels, Goldsborough does the characters pretty accurately, even as he tries to vary some of the...
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    Greetings from Salt Lake City!

    Welcome to BoB!
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    What Are You Reading?

    If any here are interested in ancient Rome, two books I've just finished: INFAMY by Jerry Toner looks at Roman law and practice in three sections (Republic, Empire, and a short section on influences today). Toner is always an interesting writer, although general audiences would probably enjoy...
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    G'Day from Down Under!!

    Welcome, Matt! I hope you enjoy your time here "T"
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    "Sunshine Protection Act"

    Because further north, folks don't like the idea of the latest summer sunset before 8:00 pm? (summer solstice sunrise at 4:00 doesn't seem bother people so much anymore but early sunset in the summer?).