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    Any Reloaders?

    Shotgun only. Mostly 28 ga. and .410, for skeet shooting.
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    Pipe smoking myths about cleaning

    I treat a pipe like a gun. If you want it to work reliably, keep it clean.
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    Greetings from North Florida Newb.

    Welcome from New Orleans.
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    a few more fresh out the shop

    Beautiful workmanship.
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    Rathbone and Bruce Switch Roles

    That's great. Thanks for posting.
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    Link to some CCI 22 LR ammo

    Check out for the latest availability, source, and pricing on all ammo.
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    Boudin King Cake

    Last Friday I had the weekly lunch group over for bacon-wrapped grilled duck breast w. jalapenos and one of the guys brought a boudin (spicy rice sausage) king cake. It's made w. pastry dough, covered in a lightly sweet glaze w. raisins and crushed bacon. Simply delicious. I got the baby, so...
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    Jazz/format - 2 topics

    I ran a speaker extension cable from the computer out to the covered patio. Now I can listen to JAZZRADIO.COM while smoking. Many venues to choose from. Smooth jazz is my favorite.
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    Greetings from Jerusalem

    Welcome. Nice intro.
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    Alligator Shoes

    I recently purchased a like-new pair of loafers by Cole&Haan to replace a pair I ruined during Katrina.Now I'm thinking about getting another pair. Any recommendations/comments are welcome.
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    Video With Some Rustication of an Old Estate Pipe

    Very nice restoration.
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    Non-Pipe, 1st try at a 3/4 tang knife

    Impressive. How is the tang secured to the handle?
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    VERY interesting wood - Rainbow Poplar Burl

    Impressive. Nice workmanship.
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    Most smoked of 2014

    Capt. Black Dark 1-Q LL-7 Carter Hall If Molto Dolce was cheaper, it would be #1
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    Few new pipes to show.

    Nice workmanship.