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    OK, who's buying all the Heinrich Dark Strong Flake?

    Just get some Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky, in that case, which is the original. I find it better. ;)
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    Any keen photographers?

    I'll make sure to read your exposé further up in this thread. ;) Here are 2 pics I took with it. Both were taken without a tripod and neither has been edited in any way: Obviously, I still have much much to learn.
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    Looks like a knee replacement coming

    So it's you, the soon to be new Million dollar man!!!! :D :lol:
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    Ozark Wizard....

    Happy Birthday!!! :D
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    Any keen photographers?

    Stick, there's some really awesome shots you took! WOW! I bought a Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ80 last year, which is supposed to be an excellent entry camera for the beginner that I am. Needless to say, I am far from mastering it, it's a rather complex beast!
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    Cut the grass

    Won't be mowing the lawn anytime soon: we have a forecast for 1 foot of snow for today, 90% chances. :suspect:
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    I'm just learning what happened to Mike. I sure hope he will be back home soon for a full recovery!
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    Easter Blend?

    I've seen Kohlhase & Kopp only that does manufacture a Special Edition for Easter: the "Kohlhase & Kopp Easter Edition 2018". No doubt, it has to be an aromatic: And I've only seen it on German sites.
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    Young guy in Boston new to smoking

    Welcome! :D
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    Cut the grass

    I am far from being able to mow my lawn! :face:
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    Peterson Summertime pipes?

    Summer is associated with colors. So Peterson are creating colorful pipes. ;)
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    Has anyone tried growing their own tobacco?

    I am actually considering going through that door in the near future.
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    What's Your Favorite Peterson (or Any Other) Shape?

    There are some really nice pictures! I'm not a fan of the P-Lip, for having had a couple. For those you bought one, or more, an option is to contact Peterson and send them the pipe for a stem change. ;)
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    G.L Pease Picks...

    I think Gaslight is among the ones that have the most. Probably Quiet Nights as well. I love the GL Pease blends. As well as the C&D. But I cannot smoke them anymore. I do not know if it's their tobaccos, or the anti-fungus agent, or something else, but they highly irritate my gums to the point...