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    It's been a bit...

    ...since I was last here. Not sure what motivated me to check in today after so long, but it soothed my soul to see things haven't changed too much here, even if they've changed alot everywhere else. Typically I would feel like I wasted a day if I spent it sitting in front of a computer, but I...
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    What's your 9 to 5??

    That almost sounds interesting. At least, interesting as insurance jobs get anyway...haha. We get a lot of requests for audit of product liability subrogation as a few of our clients write large commercial policies. Sometimes suit is already filed by the time we get them and I get to settle with...
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    What's your 9 to 5??

    Handle real property or auto by any chance? If so its entirely possible our paper trails have crossed at some point, which would be funny.
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    Brothers near the Beaufort SC Region.

    Not from the area, but was just there a few weeks ago on Hunting Island. If you havent been there yet you should check it out if you like that kinda thing (I do!). Had several great smokes on the beach and in the campground. Sea turtles are laying eggs this season too (we saw one!) so no lights...
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    What's your 9 to 5??

    Well what they pay me to do from 9-5 is audit property damge insurance claims. But mostly what i really do is think about all the things i would rather be doing than auditing propert damage insurance claims and try to restrain myself from acting out in a destructive way.
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    Happy Birthday Frost!

    Yeah. Started learning the violin a year or so ago, so thats what takes up all my music time now :)
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    Happy Birthday Frost!

    Thanks fellas. I dont post much these days but still lurk from time to time. The birthday wishes are much appreciated :)
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    I wouldn't worry too much about that Yak. In a sense, I've always sort of felt that being generally viewed in such a way by most folks is at least a partial indication that you must be doing something right. :cheers:
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    Anyone have 15K to blow?

    Odd. I could be wrong but I always though "Pearl" was Larsen's highest grade. Lowest to highest was Selected grain, Straight grain grades 1-10 then Pearl. I would thought the seller would have made mention if it was a Pearl. Also I think I see some significant damage on the side of the bowl in...
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    That's a nice article with a decent overall perspective on it methinks.
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    I've two of Todd's pipes. Nothing in my racks smoke better, although several did cost more!
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    Horse Stories

    Lol. Well done sir! :lol:
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    Horse Stories

    Only horse I ever knew to any semi-significant degree was maybe 10 years or so ago when a friend and I got a free visit to the "colonial plantation" at a state park 'cause they thought we were volunteers. I gave it half an apple (which apparently isn't so great for them or so I've heard), then...
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    Wife & I use the Kgo from Hoosier e-cig, which is an ego style batt. usually with the Vision CE4 type atomizers and usually just get the Hoosier juices too. I'm currently stuck on "just waffles" for the last few weeks. Haven't had a real cigarette for roughly two years I think.
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    A Ray of Hope in the Picture

    I've heard that they are only killing the nukes because they don't want us to ruin the planet before they invade to use us as a food source. An alternative theory is that they want to make sure Earth is still mostly intact befor using it as a testing ground for their new planet killer weapon...