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    It’s the New Year Nitro-Nastiness Mission!

    "whew! That was close!" LOL, yeah but you got to love the enthusiasm. :afro:
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    Snipe Hunt

    One of our cats apparently went on a snipe hunt the other nite.   Not only did he find one, but he brought it back alive and left it on our door step.  I was impressed to say the least. As a blood thirsty little heathen growing up on a ranch, I burned through Lord only knows how many shot...
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    Any Downton Abbey fans here?

    Just starting season 6 with swmbo. She's watched entire season before with her best girlfriend, but it's my first time through. Aside from a somewhat disappointing lack of pipes, I must say I've really been enjoying the series. Good story line and the attention to detail is most impressive...
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    Wife Lost to Netflix

    "I remember those books.... Dungeons and Dragons?" Believe those were called "choose your own adventure" books, and yes I do remember a series made in partnership with TSR. As a child they were far and away my favorite CYOA books. :afro:
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    What are you listening to?

    [i]"Comfortably Numb... Surely one of the greatest guitar solos of all time?"[/i Affirmative. :afro:
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    It’s the New Year Nitro-Nastiness Mission!

    "Ooh, that's good! Our prey we are stalking, yes....." With righteous stealth, my holy stockings are darned?.... Never mind (shakes head and wanders off mumbling to self)
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    What are you listening to?

    Led Zeppelin: Black Dog B.O.C: Perfect water, Don't fear the reaper, Burning for you. Black Sabbath: Paranoid, War Pigs Pink Floyd: Comfortably numb This seems to be where I'm at tonight. :afro:
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    Death to Plumbers!

    "In all my plumbing mishaps, I can’t remember using a claw hammer to fix plastic pipes lol" What a rube.  You probably didn't even have the strappy black high heeled shoes neither. ;)
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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Last nite it was HH Vintage Syrian in my new melting wax finished straight billiard from HS Studioes, Thanks Santa!!!
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    Death to Plumbers!

    Well, I got to admit, it is awful pretty and that high goose neck will come in handy for taller pots and things. :afro:
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    I'm back!!!

    Glad to see you back on here sir. Been wondering how you were doing? :afro:
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    Secret Santa 2018 - BOB's Eleventh

    Santa rolls a natural 20, scoring A HIT A MOST PALPABLE HIT!!! I was slogging through the mire of my day to day, when my oldest decided to go check the mail.  She came back with an alabaster colored package of suspicious dimensions and alarming heft. With the recent images of Briar...
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    Post a special Christmas photo...of yourself!

    Not a close up, but I've been told that with some mugs "distance is decency", so maybe better this way. :afro:
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    Secret Santa 2018 - BOB's Eleventh

    Line at the post office was out the door (Its a small office, maybe 7 people total in front of me.  ) at our THREE stop light town. USPS says the parcel will be delivered next Tuesday.  :afro:
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    Through the circle, fast and slow (long post)

    This deer season, for the first time in three years, I felt I would have enough time to warrant buying a western Oregon general season buck tag. And although no meat went in the freezer, I wouldn’t trade this season for anything. I was able to take one of my sons with me for the first time this...