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    Selling your McClelland's?

    Like @ftrplt said, any McClelland is bringing in a hefty bounty but the Frogs were some of the most widely available blends right up until the end so they’re a little less hotly sought after than the Virginias. Between Pipestud and other forums I get the impression folks are willing to pay...
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    Pipe Wanted WTB/WTT Ferndown

    Yeah, I’d heard he stepped back—hope he’s enjoying retirement! And I’m not sure if it’s a glut of moneyed international buyers or what, but I feel like prices have skyrocketed on eBay pipes in general. The Ferndown Antique I picked up earlier this year from a knowledgeable B&M was in great shape...
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    Pipe Wanted WTB/WTT Ferndown

    Makes sense, thanks for clarifying BH!
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    Pipe Wanted WTB/WTT Ferndown

    Tbh it’s a relief it doesn’t check all my boxes, I am about done trying to get pipes on eBay haha. Feel like things have really gotten nuts over the last couple years.
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    Pipe Wanted WTB/WTT Ferndown

    Longest of long shots but after years of failing to find one in the wild figured I’d cast my net here: I’m looking for a Ferndown Bark bulldog or Rhodesian with silver band and a Cumberland stem. Love how they look so it’s been one of my bucket list pipes for a long time, but then I picked up my...
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    Selling your McClelland's?

    Crazy as the McClelland tins are, my jaw hit the floor when I saw a tin of Kingfisher go for $325 the other week! I knew it was rare but damn—I remember selling 5 tins for $15 a pop here in the Trading Post a few years back and feeling conflicted for charging a little more than I originally paid...
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    The Beast at P&C

    C&D’s the Beast is one of my favorite blends but they’ve only produced two batches of it for general retail, so far as I know. So imagine my surprise to see it show up in stock on P&C yesterday when I went to pick up those new Cascadia plugs. They still have a few if any other perique lovers are...
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    Mellow Corn

    Mellow Corn and Barton are two of my favorite whiskies at that price point but I’ve never tried Ancient Age, will have to give it a shot since I like other Buffalo Trace spirits. MC and Barton hard to find in North Carolina, though, so I often just go with Evan Williams BiB (white label) or...
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    Great brother to work with, gave me a great deal and shipped super fast. Thanks again!
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    Jeff really went above and beyond, thanks again for the great blends! Highly recommend ordering from him.
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    As always, Rande didn’t just come through, he went the extra mile and then some. Great deal on great blends—thanks again, brother!
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    Tin and Bulk sale

    Lots of great stuff, Rande, pm headed your way!
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    Really Looking Like My Years of Living Alone Are About To End

    Best of luck to you, your daughter, and the grandkids during what will inevitably be big transition. Sorry it came to this but the next generations are lucky they have a parent like you, and I hope having a full house brings many unexpected rewards.
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    Hi From Colorado

    Welcome aboard! I lived in Boulder for years and love it out there. Reckon if you’re a Denver piper you spend plenty of time at Edwards in Englewood—one of my favorite brick and mortars around, learned a lot from Tom when I was getting started.
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    Aged Virginias' to "sell" COMPLETED

    Great deal on great blends, somebody better snap this up quick!