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    Why Is Membership Small and Participation So Light?

    Life change and seasons of life affect one’s participation. I used to be very active here and at one other forum. Those took a backseat as I finished my Master’s program. I have always been intentional with my time. With two kids now in High School, I am doubly so. I am glad for the new...
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    Secret Santa 2020 - BOB's Thirteeth

    Oh yeah I’m participating. I’m not sure if I’ll spend any money on this, but I can dig around in the cellar for some forgotten gems that should be aged nicely. Also, hello brothers!
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    Checking In

    Hi Gents, I have thought of you often these last few years. I hope you are well. To put a bow on this well aged thread: I have completed my Master’s degree. :-) Geoff
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    The TWSBI writes smoothly, especially with that ink. I thought of getting a fine nib, but I'm glad I purchased the ef.
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    In the time away from BoB, I've picked up a few writing utensils as part of my EDC for school. Lamy 2000 (EF Nib, filled with Pilot Iroshizuku Konpeki) TWSBI Diamond 580AL (EF Nib, filled with Noodler's Heart of Darkness) Noodler's Charlie (free, with the Noodler's ink noted above) Added to...
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    Checking In

    Thanks brothers. You are correct DnB. The degree is a Master of Divinity. It's a theology/language/ministerial degree. I do remember stick! Anyone who hasn't had a chance of reading about Shakleton's leadership in Endurance is missing out.
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    Checking In

    Hi folks, I'm sure many of you don't know me or have a vague recollection of me from my time active here. For those who do remember, I thought I'd check in. I remember all of you fondly. Aside from some job changes, I'm still progressing on my Masters degree targeting summer 2018 as my...
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    Here is one for the fathers, who have daughters.

    I would be crushed. Sorry FM.
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    Spring Break!...-er of Bunkers! March BoB Bombing Run!

    Sorry 'bout that. : :oops:
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    Spring Break!...-er of Bunkers! March BoB Bombing Run!

    I have time this month for a run. In! :)
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    Happy birthday, gravel!

    Thank you gents. :)
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    New Year, New 'Baccy! January Bombing Run

    Hot dang. I thought the combination of being absent for months, being late to sign up, and being unknown to new bombers would insulate me from a hit. I was wrong. Thank you! It's perfect!
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    New Year, New 'Baccy! January Bombing Run

    I figured I might be a day late. Looks like I might be more. :fpalm: