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    Your PA mixes?

    Like me, many who smoke PA like to mix it with other tobaccos. One of my favorites is 2 parts PA to 1 part GH dark birdseye. Tangy flavor and a nic boost. What are yours?
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    Peretti's 333 is excellent. Another is their BPC (Burley Plug Cut). They're almost identical, but I think the BPC is a little sweeter.
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    Just watch it

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    Happy Birthday Puff Daddy

    Happy birthday PD, and I hope that shoulder's coming along. 45 eh? As I remember, I could do just about anything back then..........or was it 54? Enjoy!
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    Question: how to remove latakia ghosting

    The gents have it well covered above, and I agree that smoking will be the cure in time. If the pipe had been cased with a heavy aromatic, that's another story. For future reference, you might want to read this: For now, just fire it up with...
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    My Third Grandchild arrives into this world

    Congrats K1, she's a beauty. My fourth arrived a bit over a year ago, so I can imagine how much you're enjoying the moments...........
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    Entertaining reading

    For those who may not know, Marty at posts some enjoyable opinions/stories/etc. on his web page. I just visited the site and really enjoyed his latest post - very entertaining. No affiliation.
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    Trout Bum has BIG news!

    Congrats - there's nothing better in life than watching the little ones grow up and helping them along the way.
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    What are you smoking?

    Hey PD - Hope the shoulder's coming around after the first surgery and that this one works out well for you. I noticed the BPC - glad I'm among those who enjoy Peretti's blends. I drop by there when up in Boston - about an hour north of me. Given the inspiration, I think I'll fire up some...
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    same pipe , different tobacco

    I group my pipes to the type of tobacco. Roughly speaking, one group for virginias and another for English/Balkan. Within each group, I have certain pipes dedicated to certain tobaccos to keep the flavors intact. Of course, then there's the good ol' cobs - great for trying new tobaccos (no...
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    Brothers: What's Your Favorite Aged Flake?

    Add another vote for FVF - I buy it by the pound and put it in 8 oz. jars. I've got about five pounds in the cellar at the moment, and will soon add more.
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    Straight Grain or Cross Cut? Does Grain Matter?

    Agreed - no matter. I've got a Pete Aran with lackluster grain (to say the least). It's one of my best smokers.
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    What's your weather like today?

    Cloudy and about 15. Down to around 2 tonight.
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    For food adventurers

    Great post LL - I haven't enjoyed the dish in quite a few years. I'll give your recipe a try. It sounds delicious.
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    Greetings and Salutations from Lancashire

    Welcome aboard - from New England. :pipe: