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    BoB's online presence

    What a blast from the past! Hey LL and Vito! It's strange to think this forum has been around over 13 years. As to the presence of BoB on searches. In the beginning it was meant to be and remain small. I figured it was just a temporary solution until we all found another forum to use. That's...
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    Want to Buy (Peterson and Dunhill Merchandise)...

    I was able to track down a Peterson 3 pipe ceramic stand but still looking for the other stuff.
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    What does unobtainium look like?

    Tavern Tobacco Laurel Flake is my grail tobacco. Best Va/Per I've ever smoked. Definitely brought back some good memories with this post Carlos!
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    Want to Buy (Peterson and Dunhill Merchandise)...

    I've been on the lookout for some Peterson merchandise, specifically a ceramic Peterson ashtray and/or pipe stand and a Peterson two pipe leather pouch. Possibly interested in other stuff as well. It seems like this stuff was available everywhere for a long time then it was all gone. LOL I'm...
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    Secret Santa 2018 - BOB's Eleventh

    Thanks again to Carlos, he always does an amazing job. I really enjoyed participating again. It's always a blast. Merry Christmas to you all!
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    Secret Santa 2018 - BOB's Eleventh

    Wow SS really did a great job this year. Some of my favorite tobacco plus a bunch I haven't tried. Especially excited to try C&D  Burley Flake. Also got some cool new fishing kit and some sweets. Not to mention a new MM Diplomat. I'm super excited to enjoy all of these thoughtful gifts over the...
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    Secret Santa 2018 - BOB's Eleventh

    Some fat dude with a white beard just rummaged through my cellar, went to the back, filled up a bag and left giggling the entire time. I'm scared to look at what was taken.
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    Peterson Fisherman Lovat

    I recently fell back in love with Petersons. One of these might have to be in my collection. Awesome looking pipe!
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    Secret Santa 2018 - BOB's Eleventh

    Already getting started.... research is the key.
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    Secret Santa 2018 - BOB's Eleventh

    Awesome, can't wait!
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    Secret Santa 2018 - BOB's Eleventh

    Is it too late to join in on the fun? This used to be my favorite thing about BoB and I haven't participated in years. I think I need this in my life again! :D
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    Pipe restoration services.

    Are there any pipe restoration businesses that you could recommend?
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    Just received my tins plus a bit extra from our transaction. A pleasure to do business with sir.
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    Layer cake

    Welcome from Olympia, WA.
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    Oriental forward English with a tiny bit of Latakia.