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    This Poker thing is getting out of hand.

    Got a lot of love for the poker, though I don't own one yet, something I must rectify soon! Looking at the James Barber B Line rusticated with my Christmas money... a few friends have them and they really rate them for the price.
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    Mail Call: Aristocob and briar inserts

    Well gents and gentesses, thought I'd pop in to share my latest pipe related acquisitions... some lovely honest briar inserts for my also newly acquired Aristocob. I've been after one for a while, and they never really come up this side of the pond so so jumped at the chance. It came with two...
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    My burgeoning pipe tool collection...(!)

    😂😂😂 You know it!
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    Hello from rainy Yorkshire

    Thankyou kindly. I couldn't tell you as I've not actually been lunting in my local area, though I've been in many a wooded place where I have been able to smoke. Hmmm, one to ponder!
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    My burgeoning pipe tool collection...(!)

    Isn't it just! Around half of mine were deliberate purchases, the rest picked up in trades or acquired in lots of pipes I've picked up. I do rather like your horn tampers, I find horn has a lovely tactile quality to it don't you think?
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    What Are You Reading?

    Shepherding a child's heart by Tedd Trip Having three boys in three years really knocked us for six so to speak, so it's taken us a while to adjust to parenthood. We've mostly been holding on by the seat of our pants, so we're feeling the need for some real input on the basics 😅
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    Duncan briar with L&JS silver stamp...

    Wondering if anyone can help me with this Duncan pipe and silver marking? Picked up in a lot, and started to clean it up, and under the grime is a Sterling silver mark 925 and the initials L & JS in a rectangular cabochon. The pipe is stamped 'Duncan' over 'Made in England', and on the bottom...
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    Hello from rainy Yorkshire

    Ah yes, God's Own Country... beautiful vistas, friendly folk, shame about the rainfall! I feel quite sure it must rival the Borneo rainforest at times 🌧️⛈️🌧️ My dad grew up in Halifax, but got out of dodge in the 80s before he had us kids. Mind you, it was out of the frying pan into the fire if...
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    My burgeoning pipe tool collection...(!)

    Well folks, I never thought I'd ever say this, but I seem to have developed quite the penchant for pipe tool tamper combos 😅 It certainly crept up on me, in fact I recall once joking with a fellow pipeman that I could never really collect pipe tools as such because they were all so practical -...
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    Hello from rainy Yorkshire

    Hey all, nice to be here. I'm Jonny, from the rainiest of places, Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, UK. I'm a member of various Facebook pipe groups, but I've decided to go old school and join a couple of forums too. It's reminding me of my days in the early 00s hard music scene. About me - I...