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    Having A Cup of Tea

    You can try Twinings Tea USA .com Several varieties of loose Teas, including Earl Gray, some called Lady Earl Gray. Gunpowder? Green Tea , loose, for those who are into green tea!
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    I love a good corona.

    Over the years, have you found the quality of Upmann has remained consistent?
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    Tobacco and Tea

    You are very welcome. Others may have even more to add. Sherlock, pipes, tobacco....they just seem to go together and are fun to discuss! Maybe it will be a side-hobby for you, as it has become for me!
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    Tobacco and Tea

    Holmes supposedly smoked a lot of "shag" type tobacco, the smell of which repulsed Watson (J. Brett TV version of the HOTB). In one Rathbone film, Holmes is gifted a rum-laced "Havana" blend by a character who seems to carry a large metal tobacco jar with him just about everywhere. That film is...
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    Bespoke blends

    I was going to recommend Pipeworks & Wilke as well but I am not sure whether Carole will create a blend from the ground up OR just tweak one of her current blends to your specs. Either way, she is accessible and will respond promptly to inquiries. Her current minimum order is 8 oz. of tobacco...
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    London Dock?

    Several years ago I worked with a guy who was constantly bemoaning the demise of London Dock. Thinking I was doing him a large favor, I gifted him 4 oz. of the Milan version. His response: this ain't London Dock. He was unable or unwilling to tell me what he found lacking (not that I could...
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    Just orderd a Zippo Pipe Lighter

    Mike, thanks for the clarification; I was over-thinking the situation and the term "inner part," not realizing it simply referred to the insert. Duh.... In my experience, one of the few drawbacks of the Zippo is how often it needs to be refilled. Beside evaporation and my need for frequent...
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    Bent pipes - Passing a pipe cleaner

    sometimes I can; some pipes just won't pass a cleaner. the odds DO improve if I use a Falcon pipe cleaner. smaller, more flexible...??? just seems to work more often than a regular cleaner.
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    Just orderd a Zippo Pipe Lighter

    Don't understand what you mean by the sides of the inner part.... sorry. And why would this work?? I AM confused....obviously!
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    Grabow fans: Alert

    Thanks for the info and link! jr/john
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    New Falcon

    i enjoy my regular and "international" falcons but find the larger, "classic" bowls better suit my smoking style and needs. the snifter and hyperbole bowls, plain and meerschaum-lined, are in my regular rotation; i might add one or two more bowls to give some more resting time to the current...
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    smoke shack????

    i know lil brown smoke shack's a different site from "the" smoke shack, the e-tailer about whom i'm seeking opinions. thanks! jr/john
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    smoke shack????

    have never done business with this e-tailer and didn't see any reference to them in the bob "bbb" forum they appear to stock an item i can't find elsewhere (arango pipe cleaning spray); this item has apparently been discontinued because the contract manufacturer of the spray for arango went out...
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    The best Sherlock Holmes

    glad your son has such interest in holmes...and so nice it's a pursuit you can share. has he read much of the conan doyle 'canon?' to me, being grounded in the written holmes enriches the experience of the film/tv experience all the more. conan doyle was quite a writer, and sherlock an immensely...