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    New to pipes

    Welcome to BoB :cheers:
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    I'm a grandpa!

    Congratulations! I'm a Grandpa 3X and they bring me a lot of joy, nothing beats my 5 year old grandson calling to tell me he wants to go fishing!
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    Greetings Brothers of Briar......

    Welcome to BoB :cheers:
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    Welcome to BoB :cheers:
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    Greetings from South Carolina

    Welcome to BoB :cheers:
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    She said "yes"... : )

    Hopefully both of you will learn to 'not remember' little awkward moments ... :lol:
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    Boots! Let's discuss em...

    I can absolutely attest to the quality of Red Wings boots ... they are pricey but worth every penny. I can't attest to them being repaired by a cobbler, usually the only real 'failure' of these boots in the construction environment damages them beyond repair, and by that time the boots really...
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    She said "yes"... : )

    Congratulations :cheers: May you be blessed to grow OLD together!
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    Howdy from N. Cackalackey

    Welcome to BoB :cheers:
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    hello my brothers!

    Welcome to BoB :cheers:
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    new guy from phoenix arizona

    Welcome to BoB :cheers:
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    Darn Cold Here

    Over night low here in the North Georgia mountains, 13 F damned cold for ME :affraid:
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    Happy Birthday Texas Outlaw!!

    Happy B-Day :cheers:
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    Happy 2010 !!!

    Wishing everyone on BoB a Happy and prosperous 2010 :cheers:
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    My Introduction

    Welcome to BoB :cheers: