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    Smoking may disappear within a generation, analysts predict

    Edited by mod due to political content.
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    Enjoying my new Kirsten Pipe!

    Kirsten's are easy to care for. Shove a paper towel through the body and a pipe cleaner through the mouthpiece, and if you need to you can change the bowl for a different blend and then smoke all day. There is a trap to collect the moisture. Removal of this moisture improves the taste of the...
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    What are you smoking?

    I'm enjoying a bowl of Haddos Delight in an XL Brandy bowl Kirsten
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    C&D Exhausted Rooster, brick in a can?

    Keep shaking it, and when the thumping stops you've got flakes. (sorry but I could not resist)
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    What are you smoking?

    MacBaren Navy Flake. Mighty Tasty
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    New pipe smoker choices

    As far as aromatics are concerned I like MacBarens Vanilla Cream and Reiners Vanilla and Rum. I would then reccomend GL Pease's Embarcadero, Barbary Coast, Haddos Delight, and Maltese Falcon. Now the Maltese Falcon has Latakia in it, so you might not like it at first. But don't throw it away...
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    What are you smoking?

    I am currently enjoying a bowl of Reiner Golden Flake in an Extra Brandy shape bowl using a Kirsten Lancer body :lol:
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    A tear in my beer

    I've ordered a new brass tone Lancer and 4 XL bowls from the factory. They should be in in a few days :bounce:
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    A tear in my beer

    I joined a few days ago, but this is my first post; sorry it's about bad news. Well I got home today to find out my EX girl friend threw away my pipe, extra bowls, tobacco ......... So I drove to the nearest Brick and mortar to resupply. No, I could not find a Kirsten, but that's ok. They did...