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    RD Pipes - Nose-Warmer Bulldog

    I’ve been collecting and smoking pipes for just over 35 years, and in that time I managed to amass quite a sizable collection that ranged far and wide, across time, brands and individual carvers. Last year I had a minor epiphany resulting in a purge, to say the least, and I sold the bulk of my...
  2. klause

    New RDPipes Partially Blasted Dog Lovar 5/24/20 (SOLD!)

    Absolutely beautiful. If I'd been told this was a pipe by Poul Ilsted, I wouldn't have doubted it - gorgeous lines, shaping and balance.
  3. klause

    Happy Birthday Briar Spirit

    There's good people thinking of you, Kirk, and wishing you the best. Hope its a cracker, Bro.
  4. klause

    Announcing the 2014 BOB pipe of the year project!

    Brilliant. That is a staggeringly gorgeous pipe...........can't wait to get one!
  5. klause

    Experimental #7

    For a 'quick muck around,' thats one gooooooooooooorgeous pipe, Kirk. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful - it works for me in ALL respects. Yet again i find myself tipping my cap to you, bud. Bravo.
  6. klause

    Experimental #4

    Waiting for the postman's knock, Kirk. I think the fact that you pulled this little stunner out of a piece of crap briar, when your heart really wasn't in it, using only files and sandpaper, in a damp drafty shed, says more about your skill, your art, than any other pipe you've made. And...
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    BSP - CP9

    All comments well deserved, Kirk. The photos DO NOT do this pipe justice.
  8. klause

    my Blowfish

    A labour of love in exchange for a labour of love - sounds like you both won, and evreyones happy - outstanding. Its all about spreading the love, Richard. Bravo!
  9. klause

    my Blowfish

    Kirk is right - that stem is out of the park. Absolutely smashing pipe, Richard - someone is going to be very, very happy with it!
  10. klause

    New Work

    WOW!!! you take a break and come back with all cylinders firing. Number 1 is calling me - that is just perfect - as are 2,3 and 4 - but number 1!!! Wow!
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    I got bombed today!

    And that made my day! I'm really glad you are enjoying it, JP.
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    Growley Blasted Tomato

    That is absolutely beautiful, utterly gorgeous.
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    My humble office, where I smoke and study all too often.

    That's a beautiful and inspirational space you have there, Joshoowah. It looks to me like you have created a little spot where study will be a pleasure, not a drudge. Good luck with your path.
  14. klause

    Pipe Bag

    I really like that - ticks all the boxes for me. I've seen a few pipe 'pouches' and none of them have interested me - but your 'purse' is just the ticket - i like the elegant simplicity of it - it will do the job nicely. That pipe, by the way, is absolutely gorgeous!
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    Grow up! Put down that pipe!

    i like this, but i might add, after the slight shake of the head, a mild shrug of the shoulders (Gallic style) as a follow through.