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    Buffalo Soldiers WWII and his pipe]Love this picture[/url]
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    Now eating peanut M&M's

    anything we peanut butter and chocolate :cheers:
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    Checking In

    Glad to hear that you are doing well. Here in NC it's finally going to be above freezing for the first time in a more than a week. This is a major cold spell for us. I'm looking forward to warmer temps myself. It's been miserable between spending the holidays in Indiana with their cold temps and...
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    Used Lamb Skin Pipe Pouch odor

    All good. I couldn't pass it up for $35. :D
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    What great neighbours I have! (long)

    You can't but a good neighbor, but it sure is nice to have one. :)
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    Used Lamb Skin Pipe Pouch odor

    Here are pics
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    Used Lamb Skin Pipe Pouch odor

    I will update you once I try it. This weekend might be a good time for me to do that. I need so save and dry some coffee grounds first. :)
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    Used Lamb Skin Pipe Pouch odor

    Hufflepuff - thanks. I was pondering the idea of coffee grounds because I've used that in my car before. I'm glad you say I should use "used grounds." I didn't think about the oils in the coffee beans. LOL Thanks, Martin
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    Used Lamb Skin Pipe Pouch odor

    Thanks for the replies. I will see if the smell will diminish over time, but it's pretty off-putting and none of my other pipe pouches have ever smelled like that. The suggestion that it's cigar related is interesting as the B&M sees a lot of cigar smokers.
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    Used Lamb Skin Pipe Pouch odor

    Hey Everyone, I was able to get this gorgeous lamb skin two-pipe and tobacco pouch at a local B&M. Not sure if the previous owner used some tobacco that left an odor, but the smell coming from the pouch is not akin to anything I smoke. I love the look and feel of the thing, but I need to do...
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    Aw, maaaaaan, sheeeeeee.........

    Good luck on the pipe and take care of your back. I'm not sure what back issue you are recovering from, but speaking as someone who had back surgery, taking care of that part of your body is numero uno! Hope you get the gray water pipe fixed soon.
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    1950s era Sido German Lighter

    Thanks. I looked it move closely today and it looks like the mechanism is broken. :(
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    1950s era Sido German Lighter

    Thanks. Yeah, I tried that and the flint I inserted wouldn't fit. I guess the old one is stuck. At least now I have a place to start. Thanks!!!
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    Now THIS is magic!

    Very cool
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    Kramer's of Beverly Hills to Close

    I had to look three times to make sure I read the amount of CA tobacco tax correctly. Oy vey.