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    New TAD

    Just got my latest Edward's yesterday. It's a mushroom stamped free form Apple from the '80s. I LOVE Edward's and now have 25 of 'em! :lol:
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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Having an after lunch bowl of Royal Yacht in an Edward's Squat doggie I got back in the '70s.
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    Bent or Straight

    Out of 110 pipes I only have 2 fully bent pipes. The rest are straight or 1/8 th bent
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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Having a bowl of Royal Yacht in an Edward's Freehand Apple from the '80s'
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    1950 GBD 9242

    Peterson made some of the nicest bent Rhodies and you've done some FANTASTIC work on that one :twisted:
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    Any Charatan experts?

    The x'd out pipes were those sold when Dunhill bought Charatan the first time during the '80s. Besides just a single X they completly x'd out the name Charatan on some.This is the best explination/history I've found on Charatan:
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    A Big Change!

    Congratulations Kaitlyn! hope it all works out!
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    What's This Guy's Nut?

    Namiki, Pelikan etc don't deal with guys who deal out of a closet. You really thought that? :twisted:
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    Good things come in small packages

    Now THAT was GOOD!!! :twisted:
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    Without Warning, an Assessment

    As wood sculptures they are beautiful, but for me, their NOT pipes :twisted: :twisted:
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    Without Warning, an Assessment

    Having focused on three shapes ( Bulldog, Pot, and Apple) for the past 50 years I've not gone in for Freehands ( except for Charatans definition of a Freehand which has usually been a variation on a standard shape) so I don't own one. I haven't found ANY Artison pipes made by ANYONE that appeal...
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    Alcohol vs. Acrylic

    I'd only use it on the inside of the bit to clean up the accumulated tars inside it.I tried it once on an acrylic bit on a Canadian I had and it dulled the finish and when dry left the surface feeling sort of grainy. Had to take it over to a friends to use his buffing equipment to get it shinny...
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    And for that reason watch for a slight price increase with all the new Tarrifs being implemented on our trading partners worldwide! :twisted:
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    Is it asking too much

    That's the main reason I don't like full bent pipes and Peterson's System pipes! :twisted: :twisted: