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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    GH Brown Flake Unscented in a Ron Fairchild lovat
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    new/old pipe guy

    Welcome back!
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    Have You Read This Greg Pease Profile ?

    That’s a great article. I hadn’t seen that. Thanks.
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    Comparing Pure Latakias

    That’s a very interesting observation. I love all things with Syrian Latakia, even from the start of my pipe smoking career. Ashton's Celebrated Sovereign was the 1st English blend that I could tolerate, while my buddies were smoking the Cyprian lat bombs. I also enjoy VAs blends, esp. red...
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    Another modified Cob

    Really cool! Is that actual bamboo or carved wood?
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    First try at Shrimp Creole

    Looks like the creole my mom used to make.
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    Windproof lighters/outdoors technique

    Regarding clenching, you might try pipe rubbers - soft rubber piece that fits on your stem. LINK
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    What pipe tobacco did you discover in 2020?

    I received a tin of Cringle Flake today from Santa and gave it a smoke. Really nice blend, esp. for VA lovers. The perique is mild.
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    Is It Really Syrian Latakia?

    Really interesting article. Thanks for sharing it.
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    Is It Really Syrian Latakia?

    I read the description and see what you are saying. However, I doubt that they are selling is what we call Syrian Latakia. Here’s my thinking: when you search for Latakia, only one product comes up. These days, 1 Latakia suggests to me Cyprian. If another product came up with the Syrian...
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    Antler Tamper

    @mlanghof You inspired me with this. I’ve never worked with antler before. I think mine is a piece of an old elk shed - the tine was thick. It was very was tough to cut. For the end piece, I used a small piece of horn left over from some razor scales.
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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    I’ve had several tins opened that have dried out completely. This week, I have been re-humidifing them. I had a number of small portions of good aged Virginia’s that I rubbed out and mixed, including Cut Va Plug, Best Brown Flake, Butera Golden Flake, and a bit of McClellands stoved Va (5115)...
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    55 Yrs Ago

    Congratulations both of you! Bacon, pot roast, and a pretty girl.
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    My burgeoning pipe tool collection...(!)

    Any chance one of those says “Czechoslovakia”?
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    Hey Again.

    I have taken an 8 year break from this hobby and website. I've still smoke my pipes off and on. Recently, I started smoking more often and began reading to see what's been going on. Imagine my surprise to learn the jump in value of my cellar, esp McClellands and Syrian blends. TAD began...