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    I've been camping since my parents took me to several national parks when a baby. These days, it's mostly tarp and stick stove, the way I like it. Natch
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    Why I don't glow any more

    We cut these logs yesterday for future firewood. The large sweet gum trunk had been lying on the ground in the shade for a year, and I de-barked the slices to dry out faster. That evening, very dark from a low moon phase, I went for a walk in my woods and Eureka! Bitter Oyster (panellus...
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    It’s National Drink Beer Day!

    Why the Irish will never conquer the world.
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    What's on your bucket list?

    I must see "the Emerald Green of Paradise" before my lame atoms once again join with this magnificent planet. I have sat on the shore of Lake Superior hundreds of times, and most of the world's oceans, and even flat to the horizon Kansas wheat fields, waiting for that last sliver of a setting...
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    Have You Ever Just Met Someone and Immediately Disliked Them

    Kind of like John Cleese in this famous line? turned me into a newt - Yahoo Video Search Results
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    Have You Ever Just Met Someone and Immediately Disliked Them

    Dickitude! I love "new" words that aren't in the dictionary yet, but you can figure out the meaning of them. Flying out of Milwaukee a while back I saw this sign as I came through security.
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    I also am not a gambler. I worked at the Grand Canyon for years and meet my groups that flew into Vegas. Probably spent well over 100 nights in Vagas and put one quarter into a slot (to make a point to my girlfriend at the time), pulled the handle, and walked away. I'm convinced that Vagas...
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    cool stuff you want just because

    Oooohhh, you could really hurt yourself with that! Hold my beer and watch this...
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    Advice for the Virginia Beach/Chesapeake area?

    We are heading towards this area to help our daughter move from Augusta GA to Chesapeake VA. Her husband is in the Navy and is being assigned to the Little Creek base, but he's been sent for advanced training so he can't help with the move. Any suggestions on restaurants, regional food...
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    2020/2021 Tokyo Olympics

    Well, in full disclosure, I have two daughters and no sons, and when I see fewer opportunities girls have as opposed to boys, (in and outside of sports), it angers me that MY children are restricted! But, also being a soccer ref for the past 15+ years, I see how girls grow from teamwork and...
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    2020/2021 Tokyo Olympics

    Soccer is my favorite game (Olympics and otherwise). From before the first loss to Sweden, I had doubts that the USWNT would be the proverbial powerhouse of the past. The rest of the World is producing excellent lady footballers, coming up to our standards. Why, many countries around the...
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    Knife sharpers

    For home sharpening, I think Dan's Whetstone is the best. Multiple hardness, grades, and sizes of novaculite. Not cheap, but your grandkids will be using them if properly cared for. On the trail, almost any light, cheapo diamond rod will work for me (I tend to...
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    The beginning of the end?

    Ranger, Did you go to UALR or stationed out of Camp Robinson? I live about 40 minutes north of that B&M and find myself on University Ave. with some regularity. I haven't stopped in for a couple of years now, but I recall that they had morphed the way so many B&Ms have, good selection of...
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    Pipe For Sale Aged Bulk and Tins for Sale

    pipes coming soon
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    What An Awful Smell

    The demand for fresh and frozen tuna has exploded recently, especially in the Asian market. At the same time, the harvest continues to drop every year. I fear the lower-end can tuna is suffering because of this. A tuna fish sandwich is just about my favorite, along with good braunschweiger...