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    Two Lakelands Reviewed - One I love & one not so much....

    Try the G&H "Bob's Chocolate Flake"...It is a very light aromatic with some Latakia. I am not normally an aromatic smoker, but it is one I enjoy!
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    NASPC Show

    Nero will be there !
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    Sterilising Mason Jars: Necessary?

    New jars: I have never sterilized; have used straight from the store, and have had no mold problems...Some of my jars were filled 10 years ago, and I see / detect no mold visually or when smoking. Reused jars: I put them in the dishwasher, heated drying cycle selected. I put a new lid and...
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    What makes you feel old?

    --When girls young enough to be your grand-daughter ....... (well, you can fill can the rest !) --Coffee after 2 PM keeps you awake half the night --The hair in my nose and ears seems to grow faster than the hair on my head --Drinking 3 beers, and then peeing what seems like 6 beers out
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    Florida : "Pipes" Posession = Felony

    This thread reminds me of a sarcastic post I made in 2010, contrasting the rights of those carrying firearms (which I fully agree is a right in the U.S.) versus those carrying pipes. "29 February 2010 Santa Arnoldi, California Veritas News Bureau This evening at 8:21 PM, Professor Ashton...
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    prayers for the firefighters in AZ

    May they rest in peace. American Heroes !
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    Cardboard Tins

    I searched the Forum, but could not find views on my question, so here goes: Some of the American round pipe tobacco tins (cans) have a body made from cardboard with a foil lining. The bottoms are plated steel (at least a magnet sticks to the bottoms), and the tops are the aluminum pull-tabs...
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    Hello from Texas

    Welcome, Texican !!
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    Summer Edition of P&T Magazine - Crappy !

    My expression of irritation in my initial post was based on the view (my view) that the cover photo on the P&T Magazine was selected based on some tangible / intangible assessment of the quality / worthiness of the subject relative to other items in the issue. In reply to my post on this...
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    Summer Edition of P&T Magazine - Crappy !

    I am bitterly disappointed with the Summer 2013 issue of the P&T Magazine! There is an article inside about Joe Skoda, who is one of the finest pipe makers in the USA / World (in my view), yet the cover photo is of a "Gear Pump" / "Steam Punk" pipe !!!!! No offense to the artisan associated with...
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    Looks like your Latte's will be costing more !

    and....Charbucks has now outlawed smoking at the tables outside their shops !!!!
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    Anone know of a source for pipe boxes ?

    Anyone know of a source of pipe boxes in quantity ? Say a gross (144). Looking for the regular type, with a separate lid. Thanks, amigos !
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    I found and alternative to a BaccyFlap!

    FYI about BaccyFlaps: The two versions that were made differ as follows: The older, original version was marked Wunup and was made from a very heavy-duty bakelite......A later version was made and marked was made of modern, lighter weight plastic.....I have an example of...
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    25th Annual St. Louis Gateway Pipe Show:Saturday 2/16/2013

    Andy is dandy, but Pappy is happy !!!
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    25th Annual St. Louis Gateway Pipe Show:Saturday 2/16/2013

    Nero Wolfe will be there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!