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    Captain Earl's Private Stock

    Just cracked a tin of Honor Blend that’s been in my cellar since ‘01. Wow! The tin note alone is amazing!  Almost overpowering in its ripeness. My first bowl in a medium sized pipe is almost done and I love this blend. Pleasantly strong in nic content so would work in small pipes as well. Rich...
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    MacBaren HH Acadian Perique

    Smoking my second bowl of this. It might just be my new favorite blend. Never been a huge MacB fan though I like some of their blends for an occasional smoke. Acadian Perique rocks. If they made it in a flake it would be perfect. Works great it large pipes though will experiment with others...
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    mcClelland blend recipes

    One of the challenges in reproducing McClelland blends with orientals is that they often used very specific varietals of orientals. While other blenders would say orientals as if it were one type of lead McClelland would list Yendije, Izmir or Macedonian, etc. This would probably make a difference.
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    ULRIK Morta Chubby Reverse Calabash

    Just finished my 3rd bowl in this beauty and I think I’m starting to get a handle on it. For consistency I stuck with GH BB#2. I’m enjoying this pipe. I like the shape a lot. The Morta is intriguing. I get plenty of flavor but do need to watch my pacing. It does get hot but cools quickly as...
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    ULRIK Morta Chubby Reverse Calabash

    Greetings all, Just lit up a pipe that is several firsts for me. First Morta, first reverse calabash, first chubby billiard nose-warmer and first Ulrik. So far, I’m pleased on all counts. Fine craftsmanship, great look and feel and a fine smoke so far with GH BB#2. Purchased the pipe new on...
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    Hydrating Tobacco

    Sounds great. Will have to give it a try. Thanks for the clarification.
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    Hydrating Tobacco

    I’ve had good luck with the Pease method of covering a bowl with a moist towel as listed in the las post. Will need to try some of the others.  Stick, what do you mean a “piece of plastic water bottle” to hold the moist paper towel to the mason jar lid?  Sounds like a good method but not...
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    I remember it to be quite tasty but haven’t smoke it in many years. It works particularly well in this Ashton chruchwarden that I have which has a narrow chamber. Presbyterian and Pelican are incredible in this pipe. Just bought 10 tins. Many thanks for the heads up! My vote is yes to Latakia...
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    Black XX Rope and other twists

    Hi, all. Smoked my first rope yesterday. SG Black XX. I was a little wary at first, because of the reported intensity of the nicotine power. I popped the tin which included one long section of the twist and two short ones. I took one of the small pieces, sliced it up with a sharp knife...
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    Bent Dublin = Zulu?

    Is a Dublin with a slight bend a Zulu/Woodstock? Here's an example. KAYWOODIE-FLAME-GRAIN-18S-PIPE
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    WDC Pipes - William Demuth, Co

    Really cool. :cyclops: My eye is bulging popping out of my head in wonder.
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    Tobacco Suggestions?

    I'll second a lot of the suggestions and add a few. C&D - Bayou Morning Flake, a different take on the VA/perique flake F&T - Anything I tried was good G&H - Curly Cut Deluxe or regular Bob's Chocolate Flake - has a tiny bit of Latakia but if you didn't know, you wouldn't know.
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    Jobey Link

    Hi, all. Anyone have any experience with Jobey pipes? I have a Torino that was my dad's. Jobey's have a stem that uses the Jobey Link, sort of a tenon that screws into the shank. There is a mortise in the stem that then slides over the link. It's a pretty secure system. My question is...
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    Dunhill Tobacco and Murray vs. Orlik...

    I found this article online and wasn't sure if it had been posted yet. I know this gets controversial but this article seems to have some facts, at least :shock: http://pipelore.net/index.php?id=123