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    Oil Soaked Briar

    I recently tried using olive oil to seal a pipe that started to burn out.  I used extra-virgin oil (thick) which i spread with my finger inside the bowl.  I let it dry/sink in for a couple of days and put on another coat, and sprinkled a layer of fine ash onto the oil.  I let that sit for a...
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    Oom Paul - favorite or seldom smoked?

    I own two Oom Pauls. One I bought maybe 35 years ago, and probably didn't pay more than $10 for it (Lloyds brand, Italy). Nonetheless it is well-made, smokes nicely, and has very interesting grain. Recently I made one from a kit by Kim Kendall ( and it also smokes wonderfully...
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    Anyone familiar with W.O. Larsens?

    A couple of years ago I purchased a Larsen sandblasted bent brandy from Esthetically, the proportions are a bit unbalanced; the stem and shank seem a bit thin next to the huge bowl. Perhaps this was why the price was so reasonable. It was an estate, and had been reamed back...
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    Fillmore is a very nice medium English. It's one of my favorite summer smokes, along with Squadron Leader and Red Rapparee. In the winter I prefer a fuller English or Balkan, like GLP's Westminster, Abingdon, or Oddyssey or Larry's Blend from
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    finding the "one"

    "The One" turns out to be the One Of The Moment. Next year it will be a different one. Your tastes will change over time, and that's a good thing. You'll revisit many of the Ones of the past, and re-enjoy them as you keep on exploring.
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    silly question from the newbie...

    I really like those Platinum Ball jars -- thanks for the tip! I have to go along with the "many small jars" school of thought. Though not so esthetically appealing as a humidor or fancy container, small jars are the best way to store bulk tobacco. Pack them as tightly as you reasonably can so...
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    Bad luck with virginias

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    Where do we smoke

    OK, now I don't feel so put out any more, knowing that I'm far from alone. I used to be able to smoke inside, and did so, for years. Recently tho, my wife contracted asthma so I cannot smoke in the house any more. We retired a couple years ago and recently moved to our property in southern...
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    Yes, I am also fond of Kensington, especially when I'm in the mood for something a bit lighter than Abingdon. The man surely has the gift, doesn't he? Nice to have such a range to choose from. May he live long and prosper!
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    just saying hello

    Welcome aboard, Dave. looking forward to another face! Leroy
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    What a great place! Hello....

    Glad you found us!
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    New Pipe enthusiast

    Welcome to the forum; sounds like you're off to a good start! Here's a site you ought to visit on a regular basis, if you haven't already: It's just what it says it is. Reviews of thousands of tobaccos. Some of the descriptions may not make sense to you at first, so...
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    Balkan Sasieni

    Always ready to try a good Balkan, and never too busy to think about Greg's next blend!
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    Your Favorite Pour?

    I love a good scotch most any time. Also occasionally rotate to Cuervo Gold or 1800 tequila, and Martell cognac. But in the winter I like a kick in the ass from some good 100-proof Slivovitz. Yowzah!
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    Wanted: Pics of Your Smoking Dens/Man Caves

    I'll have to revisit this next winter. Wife and I are just starting to build a new house; by next winter I'll have my own den for smoking, movies, reading, etc. It'll have a nice deep window so I can look out onto the woods, and another smaller window for cross-ventilation. Right now we're...